1998 Chevrolet S-10-Fire Truck Hot Rod auction

There’s often a sense of absurd joy when browsing eBay Motors, finding what kind of automotive craziness exists in the world. This latest find deserves some sort of medal for its weirdness, though, with a combination of fire truck graphics, an absolutely bizarre custom body and an unconventional engine setup.

Titled as a 1998 Chevrolet S-10, this crimson beast gave up being describable as any kind of production vehicle a long time ago. You can still just make out the pickup’s cab, but everything else is thoroughly reworked. According to the seller, the body is channeled three inches, and the cockpit is moved 42 inches rearward.

Of course, this hot rod would remain weird enough even with a normal small block Chevy engine for power, but the seller’s choice of drivetrain truly boggles the mind. According to the auction, the vehicle runs a 7.6-liter Seagrave/Pierce-Arrow V12 from 1941 that makes around 202 horsepower and boasts a 24-spark-plug layout with about 60 feet of ignition wire. The setup is linked to two, very cool-looking Rochester carbs rising out of the engine bay, and power runs back to a dually rear end.

This whole vehicle is just so weird to actually border on almost being cool. But what does a magnificent monstrosity like this cost, you might legitimately wonder? The Buy-It-Now is set at $19,000 with the sale ending on November 14. What’s more, the seller claims the money covers the materials and machine shop charges required to build this bizarre beast.