CTOS blacklist check – How to check your blacklist name on CTOS

CTOS blacklist check

An individuals who fail to make a loan from banks and other financial institutions because of their name blacklisted by CTOS are advised to use proper channels to check their status to determine whether they are really involved with the problem or else.

CTOS blacklist can be categorized as a term of detention or confinement of a temporary nature while outstanding debt is not settled by borrower. Some people argue CTOS is not a blacklist system, it only records the activities of the borrower whether the borrower do repayment well or not, and the information will be a source of financial institutions to assess risk or approve new loans submitted. If the borrower’s name is listed in the CTOS records then it would be inconvenient and close the borrower the opportunity to make new loans as long as the name is not cleared in the record.

How to check CTOS blacklist

CTOS is a company that developed a system to record the outstanding payment by the borrower. For borrowers in default does not make payments on loans that have been assigned the name will be recorded in the CTOS. CTOS also serves to provide information to banks and financial institutions to assess the risk of lending to the applicant. If you want to check CTOS, you can communicate directly with the CTOS in CTOS service center address can be found through the links: http://www.ctos.com.my/contact-us

Or online through the CTOS official website at the following link: http://www.ctos.com.my/faq (Further information also can be found in the web)