Published 11 November 2014

HyprKey, the Silicon Alley fintech as well as cybersecurity startup, revealed today that it will certainly soon launch Stage 1 of its biometric mobile payments system.

The November launch of HyprKey will certainly present users to a practical method of customer verification for usage on mobile as well as desktop computer devices.Phase 1 of Hypr Corp.

‘s mission to clear the globe of identity burglary takes the kind of a mobile app and internet internet browser extension. Assisted os include Android and also iOS, while supporting web browsers will certainly consist of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer.The launch is a preview of HyprKey’s much more advanced

fraud-elimination and also mobile settlements protocol, which will undergo an extensive beta examination in Spring 2015. With its biometric authentication gateway, the business aims to redefine settlements by enabling users to accredit transactions with three-factor safety. The objective of a biometric token is to allow true three-factor verification by incorporating Something I have, something I am, as well as something I recognize to replace the password. “We seek to finish fraud by making it possible for the world to use three-factor authentication seamlessly with any and all identity-based applications. The HyprKey application is our first stage in replacing currently flawed software-based two-factor authentication with biometric-token based three-factor authentication. We look for to enlighten individuals on the benefits of such a procedure, the most immediate being ease and also one of the most important being the elimination of online fraudulence,”stated George Avetisov, CEO of Hypr Corp.”The HyprKey password supervisor application launches in November with the goal of switching out password entry to the Internet with our smooth approach of identity confirmation. By visiting with the HyprKey application, customers are able to get rid of the risk of hacking via malware, viruses, as well as endangered networks. We do not wish to inform individuals how you can generate and save their passwords, but we do really want to change the method they enter their passwords, “said HyprKey CTO Bojan Simic, designer of the HyprKey proprietary software.By getting rid of password entry from the factor of compromise -the login screen-HyprKey enables authentication on both mobile and also desktop computer websites without risk of keylogging, malware, compromised networks, or other variants

of man-in-the mid attacks. The HyprKey application will be offered for download on both iOS and Android platforms on Nov 16th.