Considering the night sky and viewing the International Area Terminal fly overhead is a remarkable website! Merely to recognize you are considering something that is 230 miles over you flying at virtually 5 miles each secondly is exceptional! Considering that we have a likelihood to see it, I wished to let you recognize when as well as where to look …


Graphic Courtesy: NASA


When To Look …

The ISS will be visibile in our area early Monday morning at 6:15 am for 6 mins. 6 minutes must be ample to watch it, however remember it will certainly be relocating FAST.

Where To Look …

The ISS will appear about 10 degrees over the perspective in the southwest component of the sky and also technique toward the northeast. It will certainly set below the horizon in the northeast part of the sky 11 degrees above the horizon. The ISS will certainly get to a top altitude of 84 levels above the perspective, so it will go nearly straight expenses!

Weather condition

The skies will be mainly clear so this is REALLY GREAT watching weather!


The ISS will be relocating quickly across the sky and also would look like streak if you were to take a long direct exposure photo. NASA has a terrific example of what it would appear like …


Image Courtesy: NASA

-Rick DeLuca