Mystery Donor Left Thousands of Pounds Outside a Hospiscare Charity Shop in Exeter | Secret Donor Left Countless Pounds Outside a Charity Store in Exeter – ₤ 3,540 windfall for Exeter charity store?

Mystery Donor Left Thousands of Pounds Outside a Charity Shop in Exeter

A mystery contributor has left thousands of pounds outside a charity store in Exeter, which wishes it will be able to keep the cash.

Hospiscare is hoping that the ₤ 3,540, left in 2 carrier bags outside the store in Cowick Road on Monday night, 10 November, is a charitable donation.

The manager was surprised as well as immediately got in touch with the authorities who are caring for the heaps of ₤ 20 utilized notes. This amount would supply almost an entire week of 24 Hr wrap-around treatment in our hospice from our medical professionals as well as nurses.

If it’s meant for us, as well as it’s not claimed, it would certainly be a huge improvement to our work.

Mystery Donor Left Thousands of Pounds Outside a Hospiscare Charity Shop in Exeter

Mystery Donor Left Thousands of Pounds Outside a Hospiscare Charity Shop in Exeter

The cash in bundles of ₤ 20 notes was left in two bags outside the Hospiscare store in Exeter
Credit report: ITV Information

The bags were leaning against the window. They were pointed out to the store supervisor by a volunteer. She assumed they may be an individual’s shopping but then a consumer brought them in.

“I quickly thought I question exactly what’s in there? I began to sort out one of the bags and also when I saw entire heaps of notes I knocked down the leading of the bag and also leapt back as well as shouted for aid, to examine what I had seen.My heart was competing when I searched in the second bag. I was waiting for Jeremy Beadle to jump out.”.


Mandy placed the bags in a bin liner and also spoke to the police, who invested 90 minutes at the shop. They are seeing CCTV video footage in the location.

The charity says the sergeant informed them he does not point the money belongs to a crime which a huge donation was left at an additional neighborhood charity shop.

“There is nothing to suggest that it is not genuine however we would like to ensure that the individual who left the cash meant to do so.

It was left just before the shop opened up as well as all we are attempting to do is confirm that it was the benefactor’s desire to give the cash to the charity.

We would such as to hear from the individual which left the money or from a relative which knows if an individual has distributed a large sum just recently.”.


The police will certainly hold the money for the following 4-6 weeks and if it is not declared it will certainly be handed over to Hospiscare.

The charity states the money will help its job supporting people and their families living with a terminal ailment in Exeter, East and MidDevon.