Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation Review – Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation, applied correctly, has me worked up right into a frenzy

Whipped cream makes me think about a few stuff – strawberries (and also cream), cakes, pies … hardly foundation. Does the idea of light fluffy white damp cream bring to mind an off-white coloured product you ‘d apply to your face rather than shoveling it right into your belly? I assumed not!

But this is exactly what Revlon called their Colorstay Whipped Creme Make-up foundation.

revlon colorstay whipped foundation review

Like a cream, it comes in a heavy glass jar which is actually special I believed. It may be why I got a bathtub the initial time I viewed it at the display screen racks all those months ago. It was merely as well different to miss! Wait, was this released last year? Or perhaps early in 2013? I can not bear in mind anymore, yet I could inform you that I have actually had this for some time which I surprisingly like it!

If you’re a fan of full insurance coverage foundation after that I do believe this is one to take a look at. Whilst it provides full protection, I wear it as a light-medium insurance coverage foundation and also it carries out well for me. Really when it comes to pharmacy brand foundation, preventing that error in judgement that was the Revlon Pudding foundation, I’ve so far had only success with Revlon.

The uniformity of the item is fairly distinct. It isn’t a cream neither a cream considering that it actually feels more thick, but it isn’t really strong either. It in fact really feels (and also looks!) like dessert.

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation Review

revlon colorstay whipped swatches

Bouncy, wobbly milk delicious chocolate dessert. Yum! icon biggrin Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation, used appropriately, has me worked up into a craze

It could be what whipped creme might look like after it’s been enabled to resolve. It views a rather consistency, which you will recognise in this Revlon foundation. As a result of the appearance, I found that the formula clears up over night, so you literally wake up to a brand new tub of foundation everyday!

There is a white plastic stopper that you would certainly be suggested to keep. It just helps keep it cleaner because I located the product can be instead untidy after a while. I cleansed it up a little for the pictures yet also after that, you can see the thicker bits of foundation around the sides of the tub. Just tidy it up occasionally and you’ll be great.

The greatest difficulty you will certainly encounter is ways to use the Revlon Whipped Creme Makeup foundation. I explore this sometimes over the months and I have actually only merely obtained it – regarding a year later on! LOL So don’t stress if you are encountering problems questioning ways to acquire it to function, right here’s your answer icon wink Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation, applied appropriately, has me worked up right into a craze.

I found that due to the fact that the appearance is instead thick and also the insurance coverage so high, the most effective means for me to use this foundation was with a level topped brush. I utilize the Shiseido Perfect Foundation brush but you could use anything similar. The factor I discovered this type of brush carrying out the most effective, is as a result of the level head and layout that permits you to distribute product much more equally over a bigger area, while permitting you to boost coverage with simply dabbing item on. If you make use of a brush like the Actual Strategies Professional Face Brush, I located that it was prone to be a little bit more streaky as well as use also hefty protection. A level brush simply really did not reduce it, using item much as well heavily.

So below’s how I apply the Revlon Whipped Creme Foundation and the mild variants you could have:-.

  • Gently swab the area of the brush against the foundation. You will locate a small little bit of product on the brush. That is all you need. If you would like to use fingers, tap your finger into the foundation, dispersed astride your hand to obtain a slim layer then continue as below.
  • Apply it to your face using this 5-line foundation application method. Do not re-dab unless you have nothing else revealing up on your skin. This will certainly provide you a thin, even layer of item on your skin.
  • Making use of the brush, mixture the product into your skin. If you use fingers, be certain to work promptly, but I suggest utilizing a brush.
  • If necessary, tap the head of the brush into the foundation as well as dab over locations that need more protection. Blend. Done.

Doing it in this manner, I located that I accomplished an extremely extremely thin layer of item on my skin which was more than sufficient to level my skintone naturally. The foundation is instead heavy and also disperses well, and also the protection is quite high, so if you apply excessive item, you do risk looking a little too composed specifically in the daytime. A stippling brush really gave me more insurance coverage compared to I liked yet it gives a charming surface so usage whichever method makes you delighted.

The images are unretouched so you could view how my skin does require a little aid if I wish to look a little bit much more presentable and less exhausted at the office. With the thin layer of foundation, redness is covered, skin tone is evened out and the coverage is so good, also the coloring I have on cheeks is lightly covered.

This does not offer me as photoshopped a finish as the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation does, however as soon as I dab on a touch of concealer or emphasize, and also a thin layer of my routine Guerlain Meteorites finishing powder, my skin looks as excellent as it can ever before be icon smile Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation, used properly, has me whipped up into a frenzy As a matter of fact, I usually avoid the concealer with this foundation. Simply layer on a touch a lot more product, use finishing powder (can’t live without my Meteorites!) and also away I go! symbol biggrin Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation, used appropriately, has me worked up right into a frenzy.

If you apply the item also thickly, you might locate it really feels a little bit tacky as well as might obtain oily via the day. So my encourage is to opt for just a tiny little bit as well as construct it up if you need to. It looks a lot better this way as well as it really looks better as the day uses on. To its credit rating, it does stay on for hrs practically in line with the remainder of the Colorstay range. Does not budge considerably, if in any way! (I do not have oily skin nevertheless. My skin is normal-dry).

The lightest colour we obtain is 220 Nude which as a swatch, actually looks a little deep with pink touches. I was fairly worried when I examined it at the counter, due to the fact that it just looked a little bit dark for me. Yet I acquired it anyhow since it was the lightest shade offered. The initial times I used it, I used excessive so I did locate the colour a bit dull on my skin. Yet in current times, utilizing simply a touch of item, it’s been fine. Which is shocking, once you view how it compares with various other foundations I utilize LOL! icon biggrin Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation, applied effectively, has me whipped up into a craze.

On days when I desire something a little bit a lot more complete coverage, I have actually been grabbing this. I believe exercising how to use it has been the key determining aspect in making up my mind if I liked it and also I do. I like this a whole lot. The only thing I do not like consequently is the packing material.

Whilst understandable, due to the appearance of the item, the heavy large glass jar isn’t favorable for travel so it’s purely a stay-at-home foundation. No vacations for you, Revlon Whipped Creme foundation!

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation Review


The Revlon Whipped Creme Makeup foundation is a lightly whipped cream foundation with a structure like pudding. It is a little ugly in feel so it is rather essential not to make use of too much item since the protection is quite high as well as it could look also artificial on skin. I discovered that the application technique is most important for this item, as you can run the risk of applying excessive and also achieving a thick, cakey look. So, make use of just a small little which goes quite far, spread it out as much as you could due to the fact that a little goes a lengthy method, and also you will certainly discover that it executes magnificently as a light-medium protection foundation, evening out skin tone perfect so it looks natural. I like this a great deal for days when I want a little much more insurance coverage as well as when I wish something that lasts all the time. The large glass container isn’t really mobile so you will certainly need another thing if you travel a whole lot. However if you do not, then I think this is worth a go.

Pros: Long long-term all-natural finish, Looks far better as the day endures, A quite little little bit of item goes a long method, Provides a perfect and also natural appearance to skin if you use a thin layer.

Cons: Glass container packaging isn’t mobile, A threat of using too much product, Way too much item could feel tacky on skin as well as look cakey and also thick, Colour match could be tricky.

Who will certainly like this: Anybody available for a high and also complete coverage foundation that is lengthy lasting.

Below is the component list if you’re interested to recognize just what’s in there.

revlon whipped creme foundation ingredients

I do have to point out that I don’t wear this one continuously considering that I do find it a little way too much. I prefer to play about with my foundations so on some days, I put on little to none, as well as on others, I go complete on depending upon where I have to be, and also which I need to view. So I can not tell you if it will certainly block pores with daily wear because I likewise thoroughly cleanse in the night as well as I could not stress that enough, if you wear makeup. Eliminate everything appropriately, as well as your skin will certainly be great.