The Dates Given Were Outside ARP – Reserving not allowed as the Date offered is outside Advance Reservation Period. The Dates given were outside ARP means that dates were outside Advanced Reservation Period (ARP).

IRCTC nowadays gives an error Scheduling not enabled as the Day offered is outside Advance Reservation Period IRCTC allows you to publication train ticket upto 2 months beforehand but when I tried to publication train tickets for 21 Sep 2013 on 22 July 2013, IRCTC provided the above error. I assume computation for each and every month in their system takes 1 Month period. For this reason max 60 days ARP restriction protects against from scheduling innovative ticket precisely prior to 2 months.

The error could likewise be due to July and August both being 31 days month (and maybe will certainly remain a day much longer also in Dec-Jan month) Ideally following day will certainly land within ARP (Advanced Reservation Period) and “Booking not allowed as the Date given is outside Advance Reservation Period” error will certainly not come.

the dates given were outside ARP