Today’s high of 40° & deg; at the Louisville International Flight terminal was the coldest we’ve viewed because March 25th, nearly 8 months ago. To make concerns worse, this can be merely the start of what looks to be a LONG cold snap.

As I mentioned in my 2014-’15 Winter season Expectation, we commonly look to top level winds or jet stream designs to assist offer us a suggestion of exactly what to anticipate in long-range projections.

The Jet Stream

The jet stream, obviously, is the river of air up that helps to bring storm systems and also air masses across the world. As we head right into winter season, these winds improve in toughness and frequently times come to be the control vehicle driver behind our weather here in the center latitudes.

While the “Polar Vortex” proceeds to be depicted as the major perpetrator behind this current cold snap, the The Actual McCoy is a HUGE UPPER HIGH PRESSURE SYSTEM that has actually pressed method north into the Arctic Circle.

Jet stream

This high tension system, currently situated over much Eastern Alaska and also NW Canada, is connected with a shutting out pattern that actually requires the jet stream winds to go around it.

Presently installed in these top degree winds on the periphery of this Western Block is a pocket of broadband jet stream energy that is presently rotating with parts of Siberia.

Jet stream2

This is substantial considering that as stated over these jet stream winds actually bring with them air masses from other parts of the world.

Now while an airmass spurting of the Gulf of Mexico or perhaps the Pacific can be rather comfy this time around of the year, that is NOT THE INSTANCE for a jet pattern that is routed from the Arctic Circle or ESPECIALLY Siberia!

Document Siberian Snow

You see, generally the air over that part of words is the COLDEST in the NORTHERN HEMISPHERE this time of the year and presently Siberia happens to be experiencing a NEAR RECORD SNOWPACK for mid Nov.

Global Snowfall

This indicates that problems there now are a lot more ruthless compared to they generally are!

Actually, current temperature levels during that component of the Arctic are running some 20 to 40 levels listed below no!!! These numbers are more normal of mid to late January as opposed to mid November.

World temps

The Polar Express

The flow around the Alaskan or WESTERN SHUTTING OUT HIGH wants to bring this jet stream energy directly down with Central Canada over the weekend.

Jet stream3

Where it will eventually be soaked up into the DEEP EASTERN TROUGH that has actually been creating over the Eastern component of North America considering that Halloween.

Jet stream4

So just what does this imply?

This is a gradually chilly pattern creating over the Eastern United States and also the landing of the Polar Express just enhances the idea that it will obtain A WHOLE LOT COLDER, perhaps even DOCUMENT COLD WEATHER!

Click play to view complete computer animation of the POLAR EXPRESS here!

[embedded content]

So just how cold could it get?

Current estimates based on the 12z run of the GFS plunge temps right into the teenagers throughout the whole area very early next week.

Actually, the forecasted low of 13° & deg; in Louisville Tuesday morning would certainly be a RECORD TYING LOW that go back to 1959.


Factoring in the wind and it will certainly really feel much more harsh with wind chill values predicted to drop to the extremely reduced single digits as well as possibly also listed below absolutely no!


Something else to keep in mind is that there is the capacity for snowfall late over the weekend. If this does undoubtedly occur and we finish up with a treatment of snow, the above stated temperatures can go also reduced!

I know this is a great deal to digest and a lot of us, myself included, am not all set for this sort of cool.

Nevertheless, like it or not, but it appears that wintertime will begin early this year. Let’s basically hope it doesn’t drag out like it did in 2013.

Marc will have a complete update on the cold and also our snow possible tonight on WDRB News.

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