This is an update to the post I created concerning last evening concerning the potential for snow following weekend break.

For a number of days now the GFS has actually been showing the possibility for a light snow throughout our location related to a southerly tracking low tension system forecasted to develop over the Northern Gulf prior to moving northeast with the Appalachians late next weekend.

Nevertheless, the EURO, which is usually a little much better at that range (7 – 10 days out) was showing an extremely various option with a reduced stress using with the Ohio Valley in a situation that is a lot more common of this time of the year bringing us simply rainfall.

Coming into Better Agreement

Now, the last 2 runs of the EURO have happened complete circle to the GFS remedy with a Gulf Coastline reduced pressure sytem.


This verifies what the GFS had been claiming as well as although snow this moment of the year is very unusual, with the expectation of having an arctic air mass in area, it would make sense that with the track of this reduced, we would have a try at an early season snow.

Today’s runs of the GFS continuously promote the possibility for rainfall to our south and also snow across sections of our checking out location. View 18z keep up precipitation type listed below.


Could it accumulate?

While any sort of kind of snow is unusual this early in the season, a building up snow ares a lot more rare. Keeping that being stated, it is possible. As a matter of fact, 8 inches fell on Louisville in Nov of 1966.

With the quantity of cool air anticipated and also if undoubtedly the track of this reduced were to confirm, then I would claim yes, light build-ups can take place.

The 12z EURO paints a wide red stripe of light build-ups over considerably of our area.


So just what do I believe?

While it is MEANS TOO EARLY to be making any snowfall estimates, I assume this is a system that must be monitored. We’ll understand far more over the following number of days.

Jude will have a complete update on just what to expect initial point on WDRB in the Morning.

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