New York City (CNNMoney) Following the cash in politics is often telling. American legislators have 10s of millions of bucks bought business that definitely lobby Congress, according to a brand-new database. MapLight, a detached research group focused on how cash influences national politics, has actually put together a list of stocks owned by members of Congress using disclosure forms from 2013. It turns out that some of the most well-liked stocks in Congress are firms that spend the heaviest on lobbying. “The exact same markets that are influencing Congress by giving money and marketing are also represented in the stocks held by members of Congress,” said Daniel Newman, president and co-founder of MapLight. General Electric (GE) was one of the most widely-held stock on Capitol Hill in 2012. Sixty-nine participants of your house and Senate owned shares of the diversified maker. Here’s the top 10 listing: General Electric (GE) Microsoft (MSFT, Tech30) Procter & & Gamble (PG) Wells Fargo (WFC) Apple (AAPL, Tech30) IBM (IBM, Tech30) AT&T (T, Tech30) Verizon (VZ, Tech30) JPMorgan Chase (JPM) Exxon Mobil (XOM) It’s challenging to claim exactly just how much these financial investments deserve. By legislation, participants of Congress are only needed to make known a minimum worth and a maximum value for their holdings, though some willingly create in an exact quantity. For instance, the 69 lawmakers which have shares of GE disclosed positions worth someplace in between $2.3 million and $5.8 million. In addition to being the most widely had stock by lawmakers, GE has actually done the most direct lobbying of Congress over the previous five years. Related: Leading 10 firms lobbying Washington Big corporate powerbrokers: Considering that 2009, GE has spent $134 million attempting to affect legislation, according to a record by the Facility for Responsive National politics. “GE is the top held stock and also one of one of the most powerful lobbying interject the nation,” stated Miriam Marks, data supervisor at MapLight. “It’s invested big sums of money to lobby Congress.” AT&T is another example of a company that does a lot of lobbying and also is also a preferred financial investment among legislators. A total amount of 47 members of Congress possessed shares of AT&T worth in between $1.4 million as well as $3.7 million. AT&T has invested $91.2 million on lobbying over the past five years. All informed, legislators have between $350 million and $1 billion directly bought hundreds of stocks. Related: Crazy corporate tax loopholes? ‘Inversions’ are small potatoes To make sure, one of the most well-liked stocks in Congress are additionally amongst one of the most extensively held by the basic public. They are blue-chips that numerous average Americans own in their retired life accounts or through index funds that track market indexes like the S&P 500. Just what’s more, MapLight claims 246 members of Congress do not have any individual stock holdings whatsoever, though they may have money in the stock exchange through diversified mutual fund. Yet lawmakers who stand to benefit financially from legislation they are working with have a task to disclose it, also if it’s only a perception, said Newman. “It’s real that numerous of these stocks are quite largely held, however there should be a greater standard for chosen officials,” he claimed.