From Jude Redfield …
While we have a possibility for some light snow Sunday night the better possibility continues to be with the Sunday evening – Monday early morning system. This establishing tornado will come out of the Gulf of Mexico with a respectable slug of wetness. This reduced tension should track near the Smokey Hills (most likely on the east side of the Smokies). When tornados take this path I personally describe these as Smokey Hill Sidewinders. These sort of storms commonly indicate gathering snow in Kentuckiana throughout the chilly months. If this track is the utmost course parts of our region will absolutely remain cool enough for snow to fall. My confidence continues to be high that * PARTS * of Kentuckiana will certainly wind up with accumulation by Monday early morning(possibly enough to produce school delays/cancelations) Absolutely nothing has changed with my expectation of gathering snow.
I’m still a bit puzzled as to where the specific swath of larger snow will certainly set up. This shouldn’t be a shock to anybody that confidence on this reamains low this way out. That is the primary factor you aren’t going to view our weather condition division fire out snow quantities 4, 5, or 6 days beforehand like others have actually been doing. All this does is repaint the forecaster into an edge and then you are stuck. Our approach is give an accurate forecast, not a knee rascal response to every version run each day. These model forecasts swing back and also forth greater than you can envision which creates complication and does a lot more harm compared to great. I’m not wrecking any type of various other forecasters around this location considering that they have their numerous needs to do exactly what they do. I’m not stating this to attempt and stumble upon as my means is the only appropriate means. As a matter of fact I make sure there are people who disagree with our viewpoint. It is simply a disagreement, not an individual attack whatsoever. Honestly I assume the way we offer the projection at WDRB you understand if there is any sort of problem behind exactly what is perhaps on the method with each event we see throughout the wintertime. Simply considering that we do not put certain numbers on somehting so far beforehand doesn’t mean we conceal any kind of information. We inform it just how it is:-RRB-.
Listed below you will see 2 of one of the most current predicted snow areas from the NAM & & GFS versions. They are essentially the exact opposite.

The map here is my existing reasoning on where snow accumulation is one of the most likely Sunday evening – Monday early morning. I offer you concerning a 99 % chance this map will be readjusted somewhat between once in a while. I suggest when doesn’t a snow map change a few days before the occasion, right?
Directly I assume the Nam design is a little also far north with its snow zone, while I assume the GFS is most likely a little also far south with the snow area. At this factor I claim split the distinction and we have my finest quote today.
This is still a devleoping tornado so the best intensity will certainly establish just how much snow it cranks out. I do not believe this will certainly cause a complete shutdown for all Kentuckiana, but I do think it has the * PROSPECTIVE * to give some locations institution hold-ups and also potentially cancelations. Marc, Rick & & Jeremy will certainly start developing the certain snow quantities later today and this weekend so make certain to examine back in with WDRB Information over the following 2 Days.
Even if we miss out on the snow and the projection is a bust, prepare for one more surge of frozen air by Monday night-Wednesday. That virtually is a lock to occur. Hope you have a remarkable weekend. Call the Redfield’s insane, but we are visiting cut down a Xmas tree. -Jude Redfield-.