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Amazon Internship Program 2021

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amazon internship program

Amazons’s 2021 internship program just started in June. Largest intern class as of this year! More than 10,000 young students working either virtually or in person for Amazon throughout 45 countries. This year is different from last in that last year all interns had to work virtually. Now they have the option to work remotely or hybrid model, going into the office for only half the week. 60% have chosen the hybrid option and Amazon is taking COVID-9 precautions and having vaccines available at each location.

Here the interns will be given projects and have many growth opportunities as well as insight into Amazon’s culture. They go through an onboarding process the first days and are encouraged to meet other interns. They have various activities and form groups to allow the interns to interact with one another. At the end of the internship they they end with a project presentation.

Benefits of the Amazon Internship Program 2021

The benefits of working at Amazon as an inter vary. Depending which Amazon you are working at perks can range from: a free orca card, take your dog to work day everyday, 10% off Amazon merchandise, free MacBook to use while you are in intern, intern get together with food provided, and a great pay!

Amazon’s Internship Program Locations

Amazon has internships around the globe. However, not every position is at every location. For instance in New York City thee are tech openings for interns. For Software Development Engineer there are interns programs in Seattle, New York, and Boston, for Science internship Boston, Pittsburgh, Palo Alto, and New York are the locations. Overseas Internship programs with Amazon are in Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, and South Africa.

Eligibility Criteria for the Amazon Internship Program 2021

The eligibility criteria for the Amazon internship are many, you have to have 60% or 6.5 GPA an above with no running backlogs during your whole internship, you must be a 2021 graduate and have BE/B. Tech/ME/M.Tech-CSE,IT, and ECE, you must also be:

  • Detail oriented
  • have superior verbal and written communication skills
  • strong organization skills
  • multitasking a must
  • able to work independently
  • work professionally under pressure
  • identify problems before they happen
  • 0-3 years of development/technical support experience
  • strong object oriented development knowledge in C++ and /or Java
  • knowledge of UNIX/Linux operating system
  • Able to troubleshoot
  • demonstrate skill and passion for operational excellence
  • documentation skills

If this criteria describes you, you are encouraged to apply through their website.

Application Process for the Amazon Internship Program 2021

The application has no deadlines but they do encourage you to apply in the fall preceding your graduation to have more of a interview opportunity. The application is filled out online and you can check its status anytime. If when they review your application they want to proceed, they will contact you to move on to the next step which is the interview.


Amazon Internship Program 2021 Application Deadline

There are no deadlines for intern applications at Amazon

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