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Azerbaijan Scholarship for International Students 2022

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azerbaijan government scholarship for international student

Azerbaijan Scholarship 2022 by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Azerbaijan International Development Agency / AIDA For Citizens of the OIC and the NAM member Countries 2022

Overview about Azerbaijan Scholarship 2022

The country’s government has announced an international student scholarship program in Azerbaijan. Students from throughout the world can apply for the Azerbaijan Scholarship 2022, which is a fully financed scholarship for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees. Scholarship students will receive a monthly stipend of 800 AZN, medical insurance, visa and registration fees, and international travel expenses as part of this award. Members of the Non-aligned Movement and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation are eligible for these scholarships. In addition to graduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees, brief preparation courses, general medical training, and residency programs are all covered by the Azerbaijan Government Scholarship. A pragmatic approach to dealing with global difficulties in crucial areas will also give you the confidence you need to succeed in this position.

Benefits and Value of Azerbaijan Scholarship 2022

The funding is in place for the chance. As a result, if you’re accepted into the program, all of your expenses will be paid for by the government. Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides the funding for this government program. Applicants for the Government of Azerbaijan Scholarship will receive full financial assistance. All of the following costs will be taken care of, including:

  • Cost of education (for undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and other programs on offer)
  • Round-trip air travel;
  • Health insurance;
  • A stipend of 800 AZN each month (to be provided for accommodation, meals, and utility expenses)
  • Costs for visas and registration

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These fully-funded scholarships can be used at any of Azerbaijan’s best colleges. You’ll be able to benefit from the wisdom of the world’s most successful people. They’ll take care of all of your educational activities so that you can extend your horizons. You won’t have to be concerned about your achievement being hindered by a lack of money. Azerbaijan is making a concerted effort to invest in the world’s best and brightest students. Azerbaijan is attempting to use the intellectual and highly qualified students to help the nation’s economic growth by harnessing their potential. The social upliftment of the average person serves as a means of disseminating the roots of economic development.

This year’s fully-funded international scholarship is a great opportunity to learn more about the real-world factors that have fueled its recent success. Azerbaijan’s remarkable economic growth in the recent decade has helped it rise to the top of the world’s nations. Now that it has emerged as a donor country, it is actively engaging in the global development process. Those who have been afflicted by natural disasters or have been harmed by economic turmoil are the target of these programs. Under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijan International Development Agency (AIDA), which is responsible for the free scholarship programs in Azerbaijan, was formed in 2011. Social issues were the driving force for the creation of this organization.

Degree Levels for Azerbaijan Scholarship 2022:

  • Preparatory courses
  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • Doctoral
  • General medicine/residency programs

Provisions Covered by the Azerbaijan Scholarship 2022

– Tuition fees will be paid for.
– Once a year, an international economy-class flight allowance is offered.
– 800 AZN monthly allowance.
– Access to health insurance is provided. We’ll take care of your visa and boarding pass needs.

List of Participating Host University:

  • Azerbaijan State Agricultural University
  • Azerbaijan State University of Economics
  • Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts
  • Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University
  • Baku Higher Oil School
  • Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University
  • Azerbaijan Arts Academy
  • Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction
  • Azerbaijan National Conservatory
  • Azerbaijan Technical University
  • Azerbaijan Medical University
  • Azerbaijan University of Tourism and Management
  • Baku State University
  • Baku Engineering University
  • Baku Slavic University
  • Nakhchivan State University
  • Baku Music Academy
  • Khazar University
  • ADA University
  • Azerbaijan University of Languages
  • Ganja State University

Azerbaijan Scholarship 2022 Eligibility Requirements

  • Nationals of the NAM and OIC countries are entitled to participate. If you’re applying to undergrad and general medicine programs, you must be under the age of 25.
  • If you are applying to the graduation and residency programs, you must be under the age of 30.
  • You must be under the age of 40 to apply to Ph.D. programs.

How to Apply for the Azerbaijan Government Scholarship 2022?

  1. Students must use the official link to apply. Download the application form in PDF form. Acrobat Reader is required to view the file in its entirety.
  2. Select the tools command from the menu bar.
  3. From the right-hand bar, select the add text section. After printing the form, you can either add a picture from the right bar or paste it in manually.
  4. Take a printout of the application form after you’ve completed the necessary fields.
  5. After printing out the form, attach the necessary documents, sign it, and scan it. You’ll be nominated by your country’s state institutions.

Required documentation for 2022 Azerbaijan Scholarships

The application form must be filled out as a whole. – Transcripts and diplomas from past educational experiences. Additional certifications. These are six 3×4-inch photos. – A health certificate from a physician. – A passport that is up to date and valid. – A letter of motivation. – Certificate of English competence (not mandatory but preferable).

Frequently Asked Questions for the Azerbaijan Scholarship Program 2022

Can I apply individually for the scholarship?

– Not at all. Please be aware that submissions sent directly will not be taken into account. For a candidate to be nominated, their country’s state institutions must make an official announcement of their selection (Ministries, Embassies, etc.).

Applying for a job, but not sure where or how to do it Candidate’s documents must be presented by the respective state entities of their nation to any Embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan in order for them to be considered for admission. –

Azerbaijan’s lack of diplomatic representation in my country is a concern. – The application can be addressed to any Embassy or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan since we receive nominations through diplomatic channels.

Do I need to submit separate applications to the various colleges and universities?

The university does not require that you submit a separate application for admission. The universities will receive the documentation of the shortlisted candidates from the Selection Committee.

Whether or not an IELTS or TOEFL certificate is required is a matter of debate.

Although it is not required, an English proficiency certificate is highly recommended.

The document on one’s overall health state should be in some form, but is there one?

There is no specific format for this document. HIV/AIDS testing should also be included and issued by a renowned international facility.

Which nations’ nationals are eligible to apply for the scholarship?

– The scholarship is open to nationals of countries that are members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation or the Non-Aligned Movement. To see the full list of countries please visit official link.

Azerbaijan Scholarship Application Link

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