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Achieving Your Dreams Just Got Easier with Commonwealth Split-site Scholarships: Apply Now!

Commonwealth Split-site Scholarships 2023-2024 in the UK
Achieving Your Dreams Just Got Easier with Commonwealth Split-site Scholarships: Apply Now!

by BSnop
commonwealth split site scholarships in the uk

Commonwealth Split-site Scholarships (for Low and Middle Income Countries) – This scholarship program was founded by UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office. The main aim of the program was to enable talented individuals to boost their skills and knowledge, which is a prerequisite in sustainable development. The program targeted the middle-income and low-income countries in the commonwealth country, doctoral candidates. The Commonwealth Split-site Scholarships are available under the six CSC themes of development.


How to be eligible? To be eligible for the Commonwealth Split-site Scholarships, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a British protected individual, a citizen, or a refugee of a country belonging to the Commonwealth
  • Be a permanent resident of Commonwealth eligible country
  • Be a registered Ph.D. student in a University that belongs to a Commonwealth eligible country
  • Be available to start your studies in September 2023
  • Be unable to study for a Ph.D. without the Scholarship


Antigua and Barbuda
Papua New Guinea
St Helena
St Lucia
St Vincent and the Grenadines
Sierra Leone
Solomon Islands
South Africa
Sri Lanka
The Gambia


  • The scholarship awards are tenable after a one-year study at an approved United Kingdom University or any other higher education institution that receives the CSC funds for some specific research programs.
  • Your final qualification award will be given by your University back in your country instead of your proposed UK University. The program does not also support you during the period you will be studying at your country’s University.
  • You should make your application through your country’s University to the proposed UK University. Both your country’s university supervisor and your proposed university supervisors should be involved in providing supporting statements highlighting current collaborations and links.
  • The one-year period of study in the United Kingdom can only be divided into two periods of study. If the study period is divided into two, then a maximum of 12 months is permitted between the periods
  • The Split-site scholarships are solely intended to provide access to equipment or expertise that would not be available in your home country. An applicant should clearly demonstrate why he or she should be considered for the Scholarship.
  • The CSC shall not change the University of the Selected Candidate after selection not unless more information is foreseen during the application time.


All the scholarships provides the following values:

  • You will be provided with airfare from your home country to the United Kingdom, where you wish to study and back.
  • All your tuition fees will be catered for
  • You will be provided with a stipend of £1,133 per month as a living allowance.
  • You will be given warm clothing allowances.
  • The CSC’s family allowance that will be provided is for enabling you to meet the cost of living with your family in UK.


  • The commonwealth scholarship covers personal maintenance, approved fares, and school fees. The CSC commits itself to protect your personal information and being very transparent on why they correct the personal information.
  • After you have been shortlisted among the successful candidates, the CSC will contact you and notify you.
  • You will not be required to take an IELTS (English language) test.
  • The CSC will send you a notification of award after the agreement on the terms of admission.
  • The CSC sends you an award for formal confirmation after meeting all the required conditions.
  • You will have to submit a form for health and disability before you are issued with award confirmation.
  • You will also have to sign an agreement of getting back to your home country as soon as you end your award.
  • You should start your study on the dates stipulated on the notification of Awards.
  • For those who will be required to have a visa to travel to the United Kingdom, they must meet all the relevant immigration requirements
  • You are supposed to stay in the United Kingdom throughout the award and seek approval from the CSC before you travel overseas.
  • You are not allowed to undertake any paid employment during the time of the award not unless you are approved by the CSC in advance.
  • The CSC will not permit you to remain in the United Kingdom after you complete your award.
  • All the Scholars and applicants are expected to abide by the Commissions code for the procedure, disciplinary policy, and holders
  • Your award can also be terminated for unsatisfactory progress, conduct, or attendance.
  • Any applicant who is involved with bribery should be banned from applying for a commonwealth fellowship or Scholarship for five years according to the United Kingdom Bribery act.
  • The CSC is determined to manage and administer its fellowships and scholarships in a transparent and fair manner. To get more clarification, you can read the anti-fraud procedure and policy
  • The CSC does not charge any money on applying for any fellowship or scholarships on its online application system.
  • All the award conditions are subjected to the practice and the local law of the United Kingdom.
  • The CSC is very much willing and committed to promoting and safeguarding the welfare of the Fellows and Scholars of the Commonwealth countries. The CSC needs the Secretariat staff, Fellows, Scholars, and Commissioners to fulfill their responsibilities and roles in a way that is consistent with the safeguarding requirements.


How to apply for the Commonwealth Split-site Scholarships. It is prudent for scholars to apply for the UK university scholarship that has a funding agreement with the CSC. The funding agreements are available at the individual’s universities. To know the universities that are qualified for the commonwealth scholarship, you should visit the United Kingdom universities that have part agreement on the CSC website.

For you to make an application, you must make your application to the CSC directly using the online application system. Kindly note that the CSC will not admit any application that is not submitted through their online application system.

Currently, the applications are open, and they will close on 02 March 2023 at 16:00 GMT. Ensure that you submit supporting statements and references by 8 March at 18:00 (GMT). You should also complete and forward your application documents as early as you can since the online application system will be very busy during the application deadline.



In line with the Selection Criteria, all the eligible applications are considered. The following criteria’s will be used to select candidates:

· The academic qualifications of the candidates.
· Research proposal quality.
· The potential impact of the Scholarship on the candidate’s home country.

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