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Boost Your Technology's Success with DOST MAP

DOST Marketing Assistance Program (MAP)
Boost Your Technology's Success with DOST MAP

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DOST Marketing Assistance Program (MAP) – The Department of Science and Technology’s Technology Application and Promotion Institute (DOST-TAPI) offers a fantastic opportunity for Filipino inventors and entrepreneurs. Introducing the Marketing Assistance Program (MAP), which provides focused support for the marketing of DOST-TAPI funded or assisted technologies.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

To qualify for the Marketing Assistance Program, applicants must meet several criteria. Firstly, they should be Filipino citizens residing in the Philippines, either natural-born or naturalized according to Philippine law. Additionally, those with dual citizenship under RA No. 9225 are eligible.

Applicants should also be involved in commercializing technologies, inventions, and S&T-related activities. Importantly, they must have no outstanding obligations or unliquidated accounts with DOST and its agencies, and not have been found guilty of administrative or criminal cases, including those under appeal.

Lastly, they should not have received similar marketing assistance from DOST-TAPI or other government agencies for the technology to be marketed.

What is the Coverage of the Assistance?

The Marketing Assistance Program offers technical and financial assistance for market penetration of DOST-TAPI supported technologies. Specifically, the Program provides:

a. Preliminary Market Research;
b. Market Intelligence Data or Report development;
c. Marketing Plan development;
d. Marketing Collaterals (print or digital) creation; and
e. Implementation of other marketing strategies as identified by DOST-TAPI.

What Technologies are Covered by the Assistance?

Only technologies with a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) model that were funded, generated, or supported in the technology development phase by DOST-TAPI are eligible for this assistance.

Is there a Maximum Limit of Assistance/Request per Inventor?

Each proponent can avail of the Marketing Assistance Program once per year for each technology.

How to Apply for Assistance?

To apply, submit the complete documentary requirements via email at [email protected]. Incomplete submissions will not be processed.

What are the Requirements?

General Checklist of requirements includes:

a. Request letter to avail of the assistance;
b. Duly accomplished Technology Profile Form;

This form requests information such as:

  • Technical description of the technology;
  • Current stage of development of the technology;
  • Certification of DOST-TAPI assistance during the technology development phase;
  • Current development stage of the business marketing the technology, if applicable.

c. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Certificate of Product Registration, if applicable;
d. Bureau of Philippine Standards Product Certification, if applicable.

Where Can I Get the Technology Profile Form?

Access the Technology Profile Form by clicking this link: (CLICK HERE).

When is the Deadline for the Submission of Request for Assistance?

Submissions for the Marketing Assistance Program are open year-round, subject to the availability of funds. So, don’t wait any longer; apply now and give your innovative technology the boost it deserves.

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