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2023 DOST-SEI Undergraduate Scholarships Program

by BSnop
2023 dost sei undergraduate scholarships program

DOST-SEI Undergraduate Scholarship Programs 2023 – The Department of Science and Technology invites the Filipino youths to join the science body by undertaking careers in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. The DOST Science Education Institute has announced that the scholarship slots for 2023 DOST-SEI undergraduate students are available. This is for the incoming grade 12 students, AY 2023 who have the intention of pursuing STEM courses when enrolled in college the coming year. The aim of the scholarship is to push for knowledge-driven advancement through Sand T human resource advancement.


The scholarship is a great value since it allows talented Filipino youths to pursue Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics related careers and also participate actively in the research and development activities. This will enable the Philippines to have more students in this dynamic world. The windows are also open for the non-STEM strand as long as they are at the top 5 percent of their graduating class.


  • Tuition Fee Subsidy: ₱40,000 per academic year for those who will enroll in private HEIs
  • Book Allowance: ₱10,000 per academic year
  • Thesis Allowance: ₱10,000
  • Monthly Living Allowance: ₱7,000 per month
  • Transportation Allowance
  • Group Insurance: Premium
  • Graduation Allowance: ₱1,000
  • PE/MS Uniform Allowance


The priority programs under DOST scholarship include but are not limited to Aeronautical engineering, Chemistry with material science, Industrial pharmacy, computer science, Civil engineering, Molecular biology and Biotechnology, Instrumentation, and control engineering, Manufacturing Engineering Management Mechatronics, and Robotics and many more. These programs can be studied at the State Universities and Colleges, Institutions that have Level III FAAP accreditation. You can also pursue the courses at Centers of Development for the priority science and technology courses.

The DOST undergraduate scholarship has a number of categories which include

1. RA 7687 S and T Scholarship.

This is for the applicants whose social-economic statuses do not exceed the cut-off values that are set of all known indicators as approved by the advisory committee on Science and Technology scholarship. There is no application fee required for RA 7687.

2. MERIT Scholarship.

The merit scholarship is awarded to the students that have high aptitude in mathematics and science and they are willing to undertake STEM-related careers.

3. Junior Level Science Scholarships.

The junior-level science scholarship is awarded to third-year students who have qualified and have been enrolled in priority engineering courses. It is provided for the remaining 3 years of study. Under this scholarship, you can qualify for JLSS RA 7687 or JLSS merit.

4. R.A. 10612 Scholarship.

This scholarship is under the JLSS and it is awarded to the third-year students who wish to teach STEM subjects in basic education. This program supports the execution of section 8 about the Kto 12 law that aims to provide a pool of graduates who can competently teach the STEM subjects.


For you to be eligible and qualify for the DOST scholarship you must be:

  1. All graduating grade 12 students who belong to stem class
  2. Non-stem students who belong in the top 5% of the graduating class
  3. All grade 12 students belonging to stem class who graduated before sy 2022-2023 but has not enrolled in college
  4. Non-stem students belonging to the top 5% of the graduating class who graduated before sy 2022-2023 but has not enrolled in college
  5. Graduates of high school before the k-12 program who belong to the top 5% of the graduating class
  6. Must have grades in grade 9, 10, and 11 or scores in the Philippine education placement test certificate of rating if skipped a grade
  7. Must be a natural-born filipino citizen
  8. Must be of good moral character and in good health
  9. May have taken the dost-sei undergraduate scholarship examination but did not qualify for the scholarship
  10. May have qualified for the dost-sei undergraduate scholarship but did not avail of the award
  11. Must not have earned any post-secondary college or vocational) units

The following items should be submitted for DOST-SEI scholarships.

✔️ Personal Information ( Form A)
✔️ Household information and questionnaire.
✔️ Certificate of good moral character.
✔️ Certificate of good health.
✔️ Principal’s Certification ( form E1 or E2).
✔️ Certificate of Residency.
✔️ Parent’s Certification.
✔️ Applicant’s certification.
✔️ A signed declaration by the legal guardian or parent and the applicant.
✔️ A recent 1 by 1-inch picture.
✔️ Photocopy of your birth certificate.
✔️ Parents income tax return for 2021/ Employment contract for OFW/ Brgy certificate of indigency/ BIR certificate of exemption from the filing of ITR.


The application procedure is divided into four (4) steps:

  1. Registration through the provided link below.
  2. Carrying out the Eligibility Check.
  3. Filling out the application form and then uploading the required documents. The required documents are clearly indicated on this platform.
  4. Selection of the Test Center.

If you have already registered, Sign in. You can also submit or file your application through the DOST-SEI regional offices.

It is necessary for you to read the instructions carefully when filling the different forms. You are encouraged to consult your parents when completing this application procedure.

The deadline for the online application is December 16, 2022.
Schedule of Examination: 11-12 March 2023

NEW UPDATE 19 SEPTEMBER 2022: The Department of Science ad Technology with the Science Education Institute is pleased to announce the extension of deadline of uploading of documents for the 2023 Undergraduate Scholarship Program on December 02, 2022.


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Melody E. Rapatan December 1, 2022 - 10:21 pm

I need this scholarship to help my education in college because not having financial stability is hard.

Naiza Simbaan Saliling December 1, 2022 - 10:35 pm

This is a good opportunity for the students that can’t afford to go to college

Jenelle Love V. Insic December 2, 2022 - 1:54 am

I want to apply a scholarship beacuse no one can support me, my mom have no income, she doesn’t have a work and i don’t have a father.
I hope i will be choosen to get the scholarship because it helps me a lot.

Roilan December 17, 2022 - 1:39 am

I want to apply a scholarship because the salary of my parents did not enough to support my studying. I am 4 yr college and i hope i am applicable

Cheska A. Bulawin December 17, 2022 - 7:51 am

I want to apply scholarship because my parents have not enough money to sustain my college degree and I’m broken family also. I hope i will be the one to avail the scholarship thnkyou po.❤️

Kimberly Benocilla June 10, 2023 - 7:58 am

I am writing to express my sincere interest in applying for a scholarship to support my education. I am currently a student in need of financial assistance to continue my studies due to my family’s financial situation.


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