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Driver Jobs in Dubai

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driver jobs in dubai

Driver Jobs in Dubai – Dubai is among the best places to live. There are several jobs, and the quality of life is better cored to many states in the middle east. If you want to find a job in Dubai, it will not take you long before landing your dream job. Some are looking for driver jobs in Dubai.


It is easy to find the jobs provided you have the right skills. Some of the skills you will be required to possess before you can secure a driver job in Dubai include:

Familiar with navigation apps

You should be familiar with navigation apps. You will be required to take people when in Dubai, but you do not know such locations. You will quickly get around Dubai if you can easily use the navigation apps. Many potential employers would like you to prove that you can easily use the navigation apps. Familiarize yourself with google maps and the navigation apps to easily get around the location.

Professional interaction

Dubai driver jobs today will require you to interact with other people. You should be ready to build professional relationships with other people. Some customers would like you to take them to different places. You should be ready to employ the highest level of professionalism and help them reach the different destinations easily. You should have good communication skills to serve people accordingly when in Dubai.

Work overtime

The driver vacancy in Dubai will require you to work overtime. Drivers are expected to ferry people to different locations. Some people will attend night shifts or move to their homes late at night. A driver will be required to be readily available and take people to different locations they would like to go to. If you secure a job as a company driver, you will eb required to work overtime as you serve the people in different locations. Take into consideration your lifestyle and know whether you can work overtime. You increase the chances of earning more money if you can work overtime.

Regular maintenance checks

You should always carry out regular maintenance checks for your vehicle. When driving around Dubai, you may experience different forms of car issues. You should know how to fix such issues to achieve the best results as you move around Dubai. As a professional driver, you will be required to have basic car maintenance checks. You should know when to take the car for maintenance, such as engine oil changes to make it run perfectly.

Ability to drive during poor weather

Sometimes, you will be required to drive during poor weather when in Dubai. Indicate in your CV whether you can handle different bad weather driving instructions. As a driver, you are expected to ensure your passengers can easily move from one place to the other. Enrolling in a course where you will be taught the driving skills in preparation for the job is necessary.


Before you start applying for the driver jobs in Dubai, it is essential to know the salaries. On average, drivers earn between 4500 to 500 AED. The driver salary in Dubai is competitive when compared to the middle east countries. If you are a professional driver and would like to locate a place where you will drive and earn money, you should consider the Middle East. Dubai has several well-paying jobs, and several companies would like to hire drivers. You can even operate a taxi service in Dubai to earn a decent income. Check out the job description to know the exact amount you will be expected to pay when in Dubai.


It is easy to qualify for a driver job in Dubai. First, you should have the required skills to deliver on different roads in Dubai. You should have a driver’s license and be available to work overtime. You should have a deep understanding of car maintenance. You will be required to take several steps to repair the car. The right repair schedule is necessary to achieve great results as you work on different car repairs. Issues such as oil change and carrying out minor car maintenance is essential. You will increase your chances of getting employed when in Dubai if you can indicate the car maintenance issues you can handle on your CV. You are considered a more reliable driver if you have some basic car maintenance tips.

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