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F150 B2021 Phone Specs and Price

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f150 b2021 phone specs and price

There has been a wait for the F150 launch. This new B2021 smartphone is rugged and can be purchased for $109.99. The is a 45 percent discount from $199.99. This phone can work with different carriers and runs off the Android 10 software. The phone uses new technology and is slimmer and lighter than other phones.

The phone is designed to give the user a better experience and work under extreme conditions. it is great for those that love the outdoors and can stand up to the elements.

The F150 has some great features for this low price. There is a refined and sleek design, great software, special modes, and there is a UI design.

The Design

This F150 B2021 has a great design. There is an octagonal camera and there is a quid camera mode. It is sturdy and will allow for great picture taking. This octagon shape is great and will make the phone more rugged.

Yellow Color

This rugged phone comes in the color yellow. It is bright and the color is due to the material that the phone is made from. The F150 is made using special plastic which will allow the user to have a yellow phone or they can choose a phone in other colors. Right now the phone can be purchase in black or Shara yellow. The company is looking to add some new color choices within a few months.


Upgraded software features are allowing the user to do more. Here are some of the notable features.

Two Switchable Modes

There is the normal mode and there is an Outdoor Mode for this phone.

The normal mode will allow the use to access all of the apps and the software just like any standard smartphone.

The F150 is designed for those that like to be outdoors. Some features can handle outdoor conditions. This phone is designed to be easy to access.

F150 Keys

To go between modes there are special features on the F150. If there is an emergency situation there are buttons to call for help. There will also be a flashlight that will go on to get the attention of others.

F150 B2021 Phone Design

There is an Octangle UI design that will make it easy to access apps, widgets, and other software. The IU is more visible on this phone.

F150 B2021 Phone Voice Features

There is a prebuilt dog bark, SOS alarm, and an engine sound as part of this new technology.

F150 B2021 Phone Technical Features

  • The battery is 8000 mAH
  • There display is 5.86 inch by 1520X720 pixels and there is a U Notch Display
  • There is a Media Tek Helio with an octa core processor
  • This phone has IMH Power
  • The Ram is 6 GB
  • There is an additional 64 GB expandable RAM and there is room for a micro SD card
  • There is a rear facing camera
  • The front facing camera is 8MP
  • The phone charges with the standard USB and it can work with a fast chagrining wire
  • There is a slot for dual SIM cards and a micro SD slot
  • This phone is certified IP68 and IP69 ratings and is MIL STD 810G
  • The buttons are customizable
  • There is one operating system that can be set in two different modes
  • The phone comes in black or Sahara yellow
  • It can support NCF

The F150 has a 5.86 inch HD screen that is surrounded by a solid case. The case may not be mentioned in the listings. There is an iPhone style notch that has sensors on the front.

This phone has a battery pack that has been rated 8000 mAh. The battery can keep this UI operating and it will use Android 10 for the operating system.

The F150 is powdered by the Media Tek Helio G25 SoC and has an IP68 and IP69 rating when it comes to water. It is duel resistant and can withstand a lot of abuse.

There is an unboxing video that a user can see to get a better idea of what this phone can do.

This smartphone has some great features that are not found on other rugged phones. This company is moving in the right direction to make a functional smartphone for those that are on the go.

This phone is being sold at $109.99 as an introductory price. It can be found at Banggood, Moreover, and it can also be found on the official website. This site will tell about the beginning of the global sales for the F150.

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