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Google PhD Fellowship Program 2022-2023

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google phd fellowship program

Google PhD Fellowship Program 2022-2023 – Generally, the Google Ph.D. fellowship program is meant to help and recognize the outstanding graduate students. These are students doing innovative and exceptional research in different relevant areas to computer science, among other related fields.

Therefore, the fellowship was created to support the promising Ph.D. students from all backgrounds to impact the future of today’s technology. Are you Ph.D. students or you have a relative, friend or your child pursuing Ph.D.? If yes, this article will significantly help you and positively impact your journey to attaining your Ph.D.

A detailed overview

What exactly is this Google Ph.D. fellowship Program from 2022 to 2023?

This program is beneficial for the research scholars. And it is a fully-funded fellowship that aims to offer support and resources to the graduates on campus pursuing Ph.D. The fellowship will help maintain and nurture strong relations with outstanding graduates by even linking them with the expert mentors in research.

Overall, the Google fellowship mission is fostering inclusive research communities as well as encouraging individuals worldwide to apply for their chance. The funds given by this fellowship helps to cover the graduate’s stipend and expenses appropriate.

Benefits of Google PhD Fellowship Program

New Zealand & Australian students are eligible of:

  • Receive one-year fellowship
  • Get a Goggle research mentor
  • Receive 15k AUD dollars (this is to cover their travel expenses, stipend, and other related activities, including the overseas travel.

India (the early–stage Ph.D. graduates)

  • Get a Goggle research mentor
  • Receive four-year fellowship
  • Receive 50K USA dollars cover for a stipend, expenses, etc

Students in Africa

  • You will get a Google research mentor.
  • You will be offered a good amount of dollars (US $30K) to cover your expenses stipend in your journey to pursuing your Ph.D.
  • Up to 3 year fellowship


  • Get a Goggle research mentor
  • Get three-year fellowship
  • Receive the yearly bursary towards salary and stipend, social benefits, health care, conference travel, fees & tuition, together with amazing personal computing equipment.

East Asia Students are eligible of:

  • One year fellowship
  • Get a goggle research mentor
  • Receive 10k USA dollars

Canada & United States

  • Goggle research mentor
  • Three-year fellowship
  • Full fee & tuition, health insurance, enrollment fees, books, and stipend for their living expenses, personal equipment, and travel.

Southeast Asia

  • Receive 10K USA dollars every year for three years up to their graduation. This will cover travel expenses, stipend, and related activities.
  • Google research mentor
  • 3-year fellowship

Late-stage Ph.D. candidates

  • Get a Google research mentor
  • One year fellowship
  • 10K USA dollars to cover stipend, travel expenses, recognize contributions, and any other related activities in the research field.

Courses Offered

Goggle Ph.D. fellowship favorable fields to students applying:

  • Algorithms, Optimizations and Markets
  • Computational Neural and Cognitive Sciences
  • Health Research
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Machine Learning
  • Machine Perception, Speech Technology and Computer Vision
  • Mobile Computing
  • Natural Language Processing (including Information Retrieval and Extraction)
  • Privacy and Security
  • Programming Languages and Software Engineering
  • Quantum Computing
  • Recommender Systems
  • Structured Data and Database Management
  • Systems and Networking


Who is eligible to Google Ph.D. fellowship beneficial program?

  • You must be full-time candidates pursuing the Ph.D. level of education and enrolling in ineligible institutions from eligible countries listed above.
  • If you work in Google institution, you children or spouses are not allowed to apply.
  • Every applicant should have completed his or her graduate coursework right before getting enrolling in this fellowship. And for the New Zealand and Australian students, you are free from this restriction when applying.
  • For some people who may be lucky of getting any awards, unfortunately, you are not allowed to apply for this offer.
  • Only nominated candidates from eligible countries are expected to apply.
  • Students in India, Africa, and Southeast Asia master’s students or the full-time undergraduate can apply.

Below are the right criteria to submit your application:

– All application forms for this fellowship are only available on the Google Ph.D. fellowship page.
– Eligible applicants from India, Southeast Asia, and Africa are allowed to apply directly.
– Applicants from Europe, East Zealand, Australia, East Asia, Canada, and the United States are to be nominated via their universities.
– The application form should be detailed before submitting it.

Required Documents

Below are required documents of applicants in different eligible applicants:

Southeast Asia & India

– 3 to 2 recommendation letters
– One pager CV
– Transcripts
– CV with website and publications links
– Research proposals its might a reference eight pages maximum

New Zealand & Australian students

– 3 to 2 recommendation letters
– 1 Page CV
– Transcripts
– CV with links to websites & publications
– A detailed research proposal maximum of eight pages

Canada, East Asia, United States, and Europe

– One-pager CV
– The cover sheet and your demonstrating eligibility should be signed by official department
– 3 to 2 recommendation letters
– Transcript
– CV with website and applications letter
– The proposal research references with eight pages maximum
– Essay response 350 words maximum

For African students, only

– Essay response 350 words maximum
– One short page resume

Criteria of Selection

The selection criteria to be used by Google fellowship Ph.D. beneficial program

– Students leadership potential
– Quality of the research proposal
– Academic achievements
– The impact of your proposal to society

Deadline of Application

The deadline for submitting the applications is as below:

– For Southeast Asia & India, May 2022
– For Africa 27, 2022, April
– East Asia May 2022, date 11
– New Zealand & Australia May 2022
– Europe, United States, Canada September 2022.

Application Procedure

  1. Check the eligibility and application requirements in your region before applying. Submission forms are available on the offical Google PhD Fellowship Program website when the application period begins.
  2. Africa, India, and Southeast Asia: students may apply directly during a region’s application period.
  3. Australia, Canada, East Asia, Europe, New Zealand, and the United States: students cannot apply directly to the program; they must be nominated by an eligible university during a region’s application period.

Google PhD Fellowship Program Application Link

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