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HEC Degree Attestation

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hec degree attestation

HEC Degree Attestation – Degree attestation is a process used to prove the authenticity of a degree certificate to attain higher education in a foreign country. The attestation process eliminates fraud in acquiring jobs or higher education in foreign countries.

Overview about HEC Degree Attestation

HEC are initials which mean Higher Education Commission. HEC is a legal body under the government of Pakistan. The commission helps regulate and accredit higher education institutions in the country. It also has a mandate of Degree attestation. The process ensures foreigners seeking higher education or jobs have genuine certificates. After the attestation process, the government of Pakistan recognizes a foreigner’s certificate applicable for use in the country.

HEC Degree Attestation Fee

The attestation fee for each original document is Rs.1000, while a photocopy is Rs.700 each. Attesting of photocopy documents takes place only after that of the originals. This means that one must provide the commission with all original certificates needed. The applicant deposits the fee in the relevant station of Courier Company. Strictly no application fee should be deposited online or through the bank.

How to Register

To register for HEC Degree attestation, applicants apply online by creating their accounts. Creation of it is through the HEC weblink; https://eservices.hec.gov.pk. After you have an active account, complete your online profile.

How to apply for HEC Degree Attestation

You apply for HEC Degree attestation through your created account, where the minimum information needed for the attestation process to succeed is personal and educational. After this, scan and upload these documents alongside your National Identity Card. After completion of the online application, HEC examines the profile.

If the application is successful, the Higher Education Commission informs the applicants through email or message. The feedback from the commission to applicants marks the initial stage. When this step is successful, HEC creates a task in your application area under your HEC account. The task is simply choosing an appointment day for submitting your documents physically to the HEC Centre. On the day of the appointment, you submit your documents and pay the required fee needed for the attestation process. The process takes one to two hours and you get your attested documents. As an applicant, ensure you have all documents you need for an attesting process.

HEC degree attestation form

The HEC degree attestation is available in your created HEC online account and, from this account, download the form and fill in all the details required. Particulars in this document include personal details and educational details of the applicant. For personal information, the details include name, National Identity Card Number, and Address, and education particulars include particulars of the education certificate to be attested and those of the university conferring the certificate. The form also indicates all the documents to be attached with the application form. The applicant makes a declaration in this form, that all the documents presented are authentic. False information in your form or uploads leads may cause the application to be void.

Required documents for HEC Degree Attestation

The documents required for HEC Degree Attestation are as follows:

· A well-filled Application Form and Challan Form and an applicant must present courier receipts if you made an application through courier service.
· Provide a copy of a valid national identity card or a passport in a case of a foreign national.
· Provide the transcripts and Degree to which the applicant wants to attest. A Degree certificate must be provided with the transcripts even if their attestation is not needed.
· In a professional degree/diploma, the applicant submits accreditation from the relevant professional body.
· A presentation by another person calls for an authorization letter and should provide a copy of the CNIC of the authorized person attested by Grade-17, and the applicant is mandatory.
· Photocopies of CNIC/passport and documents needed for the HEC record.
· If the applicant also needs attestation on photocopies of documents, the applicant provides two sets of these documents for the attestation process while the other helps in the HEC record.
· A copy of CNIC having the father’s name or marriage certificate is applicable for married women, where the name on the Degree document doesn’t match with the details on CNIC.

Based on different cases, there may be a requirement for additional documents.

HEC degree attestation contact

For any queries or clarifications, contact the HEC through the HEC Call Centre: (051) 111-119-432 or 0334-1119432 or use the online help portal; https://onlinehelp.hec.gov.pk/.

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