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Invest in Your Future in Science and Technology

Junior Level Science Scholarship (JLSS) DOST-SEI 2024
Invest in Your Future in Science and Technology

by BSnop
jlss scholarship dost 2023

Junior Level Science Scholarship (JLSS) DOST-SEI 2024 | The Department of Science and Technology – Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) is now accepting applications for the scholarship. Third year college students who are currently enrolled in priority science and technology courses may apply for the Junior Level Science Scholarships (JLSS) Program.

About Junior Level Science Scholarship (JLSS) Program

The Junior Level Science Scholarship (JLSS) Program aims to provide scholarships that will finance the education of talented and deserving students in their third year of college and who are pursuing degree programs in the areas of science and technology; and ensure a steady, adequate supply of qualified S&T human resources who can steer the country towards national progress.

Benefits & Value of Junior Level Science Scholarship (JLSS) Program

Since college tuition and books are expensive, some students who are attending college can benefit from getting additional aid. In some cases, the student can benefit from getting a full scholarship to ensure everything that they need for the semester is paid for by the sponsors of the scholarship. Therefore, the student will not be required to pay for their educational expenses out of their own pocket or by applying for an additional loan.

A. Regular Academic Year

Tuition and other school fees

₱40,000.00 / year

Book Allowance

₱10,000.00 / year

Group Health and Accident Insurance


Transportation Allowance

(for those studying outside of home province)

1 economy-class roundtrip fare

Monthly Living Allowance

₱7,000.00 / month

Thesis Allowance


Graduation Clothing Allowance


B. Summer Allowance (if required in the curriculum)

Tuition and other school fees


Book Allowance

₱500.00 (to submit Official Receipt)

Monthly Living Allowance

₱7,000.00 / month for two months

Qualification of Junior Level Science Scholarship (JLSS) Program 2024

Before you fill out your application for the DOST-JLSS scholarship, there are some qualifications that you must meet. You need to review each of these qualifications to make sure that you meet all of the ones that’s noted in this scholarship program. With that being said, here are 6 basic qualifications that all students must meet before they are considered to be a part of the eligible applicants.

• Must be a REGULAR second year male and female students that is already attending college
• The actual timing of attending college must begin the 2nd semester of AY from 2023- 2024 school year.
• If enrolled, the student cannot have any failing marks with the first 2 years of their attendance.
• All applicants must have a weight average grade of at least 83 percent
• The students that applies for this scholarship must be in good health and possess a good moral character.
• All applicants must also be a natural born Filipino citizen to qualify

Priority Course for Junior Level Science Scholarship (JLSS) Program

If you or someone you know is preparing an application for this type of scholarship, it is important for them to know that there are some courses that’s involve, too. For instance, the students that apply for this scholarship should have taken courses in a specific field. For instance, some of the courses that these students take must be in the sciences and technology. Here’s a list of courses that these students must take before they are eligible for a scholarship approval.

• Industrial Engineering
• Industrial Pharmacy
• Information System
• Information Technology
• Information Technology Systems
• Aeronautical Engineering
• Aerospace Engineering
• Agribusiness Management
• Pharmacy major in Clinical Pharmacy (5-year program)
• Physics
• Public Health
• Agricultural Economics
• Agricultural Engineering
• Agricultural Technology
• Agriculture
• Robotics2
• Science Teaching (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Physical Science)
• Statistics
• Microbiology
• Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
• Agricultural Biotechnology 1 Computer Science
• Agricultural Chemistry
• Mining Engineering
• Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
• Nutrition
• Environmental Science
• Fisheries
• Food Technology
• Chemistry with Materials Science and Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Computer Engineering
• Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
• Electrical Engineering
• Electronics and Communications Engineering/Electronics Engineering
• Forestry
• Instrumentation and Control Engineering
• Manufacturing Engineering
• Manufacturing Engineering Management – Mechatronics
• Marine Biology
• Marine Science
• Materials Engineering
• Mathematics
• Geodetic Engineering
• Industrial Design
• Nutrition and Dietetics
• Biochemistry
• Mathematics and Science Teaching
• Mathematics Teaching
• Mechanical Engineering
• Mechatronics Engineering
• Medical Technology
• Metallurgical Engineering
• Meteorology
• Biology
• Ceramics Engineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Chemistry
• Chemistry with Applied Computer Systems
• Packaging Engineering
• Petroleum Engineering
• Pharmacy (4-year program)
• Animal Science
• Applied Mathematics
• Applied Physics
• Applied Physics with Applied Computer System
• Applied Physics with Materials Science and Engineering
• Applied Statistics

Refer DOST official link below for latest JLSS courses list update

Application Requirements for Junior Level Science Scholarship (JLSS) Program

To be considered for the DOST-JLSS scholarship, you need to also know what the requirements are for the students who are interested. So, here is what you need to know.

– Acceptances for application date – is to be announced
– Deadline for online submission – May 31, 2024

*Special Note: May 31, 2024 is the last day that your application can be uploaded on official JLSS scholarship website.

Require Documents

1 Certificate of Good Moral Character C 1. Print each form in a size A4 bond paper.
2. Have these forms accomplished by the proper authorities/ officials/ persons as indicated in each form.
3. Make sure that each form is signed.
4. Scan or take picture of each accomplished form and save file.
5. Name each file: (Surname-Form __) when saving it.
6. Submit each form using the Upload Module in the E-Application System. Use the appropriate upload field for each file.
2 Certificate of Good Health D
3 Certificate of Program of Study and Year Level E
4 Certificate of Residency F
5 Commitment to Return Service Merit/ RA 7687 G1
RA 10612 G2
6 Applicant’s Certification Re- Not a DOST Scholar prior to this application H
7 Applicant/Parent Declaration I
8 Official Transcript of Records (TOR) or True Copy of Grades (TCG) or Grade Report downloaded from the portal for First Semester of First Year until the First Semester of Second Year in college, including in the midyear terms, if enrolled. Must be duly signed by the University Registrar/Dean of College
9 Recent picture, passport size (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm or 1.8 inches x 1.4 inches) 1. Must show face of the Applicant, 80% of the picture
2. Must be colored, with white background
3. With the name tag position at approximately 1 inch or 2.54 cm below the chin): Full name, handwritten- First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name, and Extension Name, if any (e.g. JUAN C. DELA CRUZ, JR.), and signature over printed name
4. Taken within the last three (3) months prior to filing of application
10 Birth Certificate Readable copy. May be issued by the PSA, NSO or the Municipal Registry Office
11 Parent/s or Legal Guardian’s 2022 Income Tax Return / BIR Form 1701 / Employment Contract for OFW / BIR Certificate of Exemption from Filing of ITR / Certificate of Indigency / Certificate of Employment with Compensation / Proof of Pension
  • Clear, signed copy.
  • Annual Gross Income must be clearly indicated in the document.
  • The particular document depends on the parent’s class of worker.
  • 12 Notarized Affidavit of Guardianship Must be submitted if the applicant is not living together with either of the parents

    Application Procedure for Junior Level Science Scholarship (JLSS) Program

    All of the information that will be required to complete this application procedure can be found on https://jlss.science-scholarships.ph/. On this site, you will receive all of the procedures, including what types of documentation is needed for proof of ID (Birth certificate) and etc.


    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the S&T Scholarship Division at

    Telephone Numbers: (02)88308876
    cellphone no.: 09278868816; 0921526814
    e-mail: [email protected]

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