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microsoft internship program

Microsoft Internship Program – In these harsh economic times, you want to make the most of each opportunity that comes your way to make that extra cash. There are several ways of realizing this end. One sure way is to leverage the paid internship. This is a program that is largely targeted at fresh graduates.

It aims at bridging the gap between the classroom and employment by inducting the graduates. The program, over and above being a cash cow, also helps the graduates to hone their skills and apply their theoretical knowledge. We provide more explanations about the Microsoft Internship Program 2022 here, as a supreme example.


The Microsoft Internship Program is a career opportunity for all kinds of graduates i.e. the bachelor, master’s, and doctorates. It grants such persons the opportunity to tackle their own projects with the assistance of an entire back-end technical team. Through this platform, fresh graduates are capable of bringing on board their unique ideas as well.

At present, it only takes place in the United States and Canada alone through it is open to citizens of the whole world. Apart from merely letting the fresh graduates sharpen their skills and get inducted into the work culture, it also allows for sharing ideas and cultural exchanges.

Upon concluding the internship, the graduates are expected to be innovative. They are required to come up with ideas that may change the world. For these two to be realized, they are given the best possible work environment that may help nurture their talents and bring out their best.

To qualify for this program, the interns must be enrolled in a reputable institution of learning. They must also be pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, MBA, or doctorate degree in any field of study. We now devote the remaining portion of the article to explaining what the program has to offer.


Below now are the benefits of the Microsoft Internship Program:

Competitive pay

Throughout the internship period, the participants are granted competitive pay that is commensurate with their level of expertise. This pay takes into consideration the costs of living as well. By enrolling in this scheme, therefore, the participants stand to lose nothing as the time they invest in the program is still compensated for handsomely.

Relocation expenses

As mentioned earlier, this program is open to people from all walks of life. Not all qualified applicants may have the means though to meet their relocation expenses to the United States or Canada wherein it is provided. Luckily, the program caters to those expenses as well.

Advanced technical know-how

In the course of undertaking the internship, the participants are granted access to the most advanced technical knowledge possible. That is mainly because the program brings together the brightest minds in science, technology, and mathematics from around the world. This of course enriches their expertise and overall productivity.

Excellent professional support

The internship program, by its design, entails excellent professional support mainly from people who are already knowledgeable and experienced in the field. This vital resource enriches the experiences of the interns and contributes to their overall productivity. The support also comes in handy in moments of extreme difficulty.


The program is only offered in the United States of America and Canada even though it is open to participants from all walks of life.

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To qualify for this program, one has to meet the following pre-conditions:

Actively enrolled in a program

The applicant has to be enrolled in any program regardless of the level. This could be at the bachelor’s, master’s, MBA, or doctorate level on a full-time basis. Unfortunately, this program is not open to those who have already completed their courses of study.

Must not be a finalist

Besides merely being actively enrolled in any institution of higher learning for any degree program, the applicant must also be a continuing student with at least one quarter, semester, or term left after the internship. That means it is not open for the finalists.

Any nationality or gender

Students of any nationality or gender may apply.


The following are the steps involved in the application process for the Microsoft Internship Program:

Step I: Access the application portal

As things stand, the application exercise is only processed online. There is no postal or paperwork involved at all. Thus, you should start by accessing the application portal by clicking here:


Therein, you will find all the fields involved in the entire exercise.

Step II: Fill the blank spaces

Go ahead now to fill the blank spaces. You will be required to submit relevant pieces of information like your state, region, country, and province. Then again, you shall furnish information about your identity, the program you are presently enrolled in, your year of graduation, and the institution of learning you are enrolled in, among others.

The panelists, in the course of evaluating your application, will verify the information you furnish to ascertain their accuracy. Be sure hence, to be accurate and truthful to prevent any anomalies that may ultimately lead to rejection. Hit the submit button after you are through.

Step III: Supply the relevant backups

As part of the evaluation process, you will be required to supply the relevant backups to vouch for the truthfulness of the information you will have already keyed in. Be prepared to do so when called upon. This is only limited to those who stand a realistic chance of being called upon to take up the program.


The application is open for all throughout the year.


Do you feel competent enough to take up the challenge? Well, go ahead now and try your luck. Do not feel intimidated as you just never know what might become of your application. Remember, it is better to try and fail than never to try at all. Best of luck with your applications!

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