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Mindanao Young Leaders Programme (MinYLP) 2022

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Mindanao Young Leaders Programme (MinYLP) 2022 – The applications for the Mindanao Young Leaders Programme Year 2022 are now open!

What is the Mindanao Young Leaders Programme?

The Mindanao Young Leaders initiative was developed to attain the specific needs of the local community in Mindanao. It is a leadership training opportunity for individuals between the ages of 23 to 30 from Mindanao, a region in the Philippines. The Leadership training is virtually managed by UnionAid and its partner organizations- Victoria University of Wellington and International Alert.

The desired outcome of the leadership initiative is to enhance the knowledge, skills, and confidence of young community leaders from Mindanao to enable them to actively participate in the sustainable and peaceful development of Mindanao and their communities.

What will participants gain from the MinYLP programme

  • Learning; Participants’ will learn about local and national government processes and institutions, conflict resolution, sustainable economic development, environmental management, social enterprises, gender justice, labor rights, indigenous approaches, and community development.
  • Social relations; Participants will develop a strong relationship with their peers, mentors, training team, and the alumni or beneficiaries of the initiative.
  • The participants gain basic research and project proposal writing skills, improve their communication skills and learn about project evaluation.
  • Participants will gain self-confidence and leadership competencies.
  • Participants will improve their proficiency in the English language, especially in reading and writing.
  • Participants can gain job promotions and take up greater responsibilities in their communities.

Mindanao Young Leaders Programme (MinYLP) content

How do the partners contribute to the leadership initiative? The University of Wellington and International Alert teach at critical stages of the course, and UNAID delivers the initiative. The course takes place in two parts.

  • Part 1; starts in June 2022 to October 2022. Part one of the course will be delivered in the Philippines.
  • Part 2; will have a shorter duration. The course will take ten weeks in February 2023. Part 2 of the course will be delivered in New Zealand.

Sustainable Development Course; Part 1 Content

The SDC aims to enable individuals to develop basic knowledge of sustainable development and participatory practice. The thematic areas are delivered in interconnected modules.

  • Personal growth and leadership skills
  • Understanding the local context
  • Principles of approaches to sustainable development
  • Research module
  • Action project development

How will participants benefit from this course?

  • The applicants will apply systems thinking to understand their communities’ complex challenges.
  • Develop qualitative and quantitative research skills to use during their research.
  • Understand how to achieve set goals through a range of approaches
  • Apply learning on crosscutting issues; human rights, social inclusion, and environmental impact.
  • Design an action project, write and present an action project proposal and implement an action project in 2 phases within 12 months

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Part 2 of the SDC

Upon arrival, the training team will take participants through a multi-day orientation to introduce the participants to live in Wellington University and the Aotearoa region. Part 2 of the course will build on the learning in Part 1. Part 2 will include;

  • Classroom exposure and field trips to a range of New Zealand’s institutions, policies, and practices that are relevant to sustainable development
  • Action project review and support to finalize projects
  • Leadership skills workshops such as organizational management
  • Visit non-governmental and authority organization
  • Introduction to the treaty of Waitangi, Maori approaches to development and opportunities to engage with iwi and stay on Marae
  • 3day participants’ conference to present their action project and exchange ideas with other individuals taking part in the leadership training.

What have alumni gained from the programme?

The leadership training started in 2019 and has over 100 alumni. Each year, an alumni conference is organized by International Alert. The alumni conference brings all the alumni together to share ideas, knowledge, and build connections. The positive feedback from the previous years’ participants has reflected how the course has made online learning relevant and enjoyable.

  • Alumni have gained job promotions and taken up more significant responsibilities in their communities.
  • The learning initiative equipped alumni with the knowledge and tools needed to understand real-world problems better, and find creative ways to contribute to the required solutions.
  • The training equips the alumni with skills that enable them to address local and national issues and successfully manage and implement action projects.
  • Previous participants on the leadership program have reported increased self-confidence, communication, project development, and critical thinking skills.

The alumni have gained greater assurance in their abilities as leaders.

Who can apply for the programme?

To be eligible for selection as a participant, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Age; Be an individual between the ages 23-30
  • English Language proficiency equivalent to or greater than 5.5 for IELTS or 46-59 for TOEFL.
  • The individual must be working for a community-based organization or NGO such as a women’s organization.
  • The individual must intend to continue working for their organization for a minimum of 5 years after completing the program.
  • The participant should not be enrolled in any full-time course.
  • Be able to commit and participate in a residential of 2-4 weeks
  • The individual must hold a passport or obtain a passport issued by the authority of the Philippines. The passport should be valid for six months beyond the return departure date.

Participants should talk to the UnionAID team before enrolling in other part-time courses during the Sustainable Development Course.

How to apply for Mindanao Young Leaders Programme (MYLP) 2022

Visit UnionAID’s website and complete the online application form. Applications are still open until March 13th, 2022.

Official Link: MinYLP Program 2022

How will participants be selected?

International Alert, together with UnionAid, will shortlist candidates for interviews once they have received all applications. The interviews are scheduled to start in April 2022. The ten successful participants will be selected after the second interview.

The selection committee will assess candidates based on certain criteria that the candidate should meet;

The candidate should,

  • Be open-minded and mature
  • Committed to working with individuals from diverse ethnic and religious groups
  • Demonstrate leadership and future leadership potential
  • Be committed to growth initiatives and community work
  • Identify an area of interest or a relevant challenge they wish to focus on throughout the program.

The selection panel will ensure that the participants reflect ethnic, religious, and gender diversity where possible.

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