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OECD Internship 2021-22 in Paris, France

by BSnop
oecd internship program

The OECD internship of this year is designed and customized to bring and attract motivated and highly qualified students with diverse backgrounds into dynamic organizations to introduce them to work on projects linked to the strategic methods of basic and advanced Secretary-general and to support the general functions of the company each will be attached to or enrolled as their intern. Its primary goal is to offer successful applicants the chance to improve their technical and analytical skills in the international market.

The Internship Program

This program is open on an ongoing basis, applicants and students are enrolled at a fully accredited degree training that is a Bachelor, Ph.D. and Master degree during the whole duration of their application one can apply online or in relevant offices.

General Overview of the program

Host State

• France, Paris

Host Company/Organization

• Organization for Public Economic Co-operation and Development

Number of interns

• 500 OECD interns per year;

Internship Duration

• 1-6 months but renewable up to 12 months

No. of Hours

• 40 hours per week

Areas of Specialization

• Information technology
• Audit
• Legal services
• Human Resources
• Office Administration
• Translation
• Media, Communication and Public Relation
• Budget, Accounting and Finance

Successful applicants will carry out some research and offer some support to Policy Analysts in one of the following sectors:

• AI Artificial Intelligence
• Corruption and Bribery
• Competition
• Climate
• Corporate Governance
• Digitalization
• Economy
• Development
• Energy
• Finance
• Environment
• Diversity and Gender
• Health
• Inclusive Growth
• Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Industry
• Pensions and Insurance
• International Migration
• Investment
• Regional Development
• Technology and Science
• Tax
• Trade and Agriculture
• Transport
• Tourism
• International Migration

Benefits of OECD Internship

  • A chance to stay and work with a recognized organization for six months at OECD
  • Monthly pay slip of 700 Euros for every selected or successful applicant
  • The OECD team will always give you all the assistance you need for the interns and visa processing
  • The whole internship is a renewable platform depending on personal performance which means you can be hired

Eligibility Criteria of the OECD Program

  • All applicants/Students must be enrolled in an accredited degree program that is Bachelor, Master or Ph.D. programs
  • The applicants/students should be less than 65 years
  • The applicants/students must ensure or confirm availability for at least 30 days
  • The applicants/students who are OECD member states are picked primarily
  • The students and applicants from a non-member state can apply for specific projects and programs in OECD affiliated agencies and bodies such as NEA, IFT, etc.
  • The applicants must have good communication skills in French and English

How to Apply for OECD program 2021-22

  • The applicants/students have to apply through an online platform or affiliated medias
  • The students should always attach the institution cover letters that will address the relevant office.
  • The following papers and documents should be incorporated into your online application:
    1. Proof of a full-time degree, master and Ph.D. program in an accredited institution
    2. A copy of your ID and Passport
    3. Medical insurance
    4. A copy of your visa
    5. Details of your French Bank account
  • After the vetting and screening process, the successful applicants must remain available for directorates or further process
  • If the applicants/students do not receive an email within 90 days of the submission, it means that the application was not successful and the applicant should reapply at the next deadline.

Application Deadline

The OECD application deadline in Europe is open for the whole year, but if your applications were not successful, the next deadlines are;

1. 1st Sep 2021
2. 1st March 2022
3. 1st Sep 2022
4. 1st March 2023

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