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pcso medical financial assistance

PCSO Medical Financial Assistance Program Application – Apply for PCSO Medical Financial Assistance today.

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) is an institution owned by the government, and, under the supervision of the Philippines, presidents raise finance to help the needy with medical assistance. This guide gives you access to all the relevant information you might need to apply for PCSO medical financial assistance.

What is the Individual Medical Assistance Program (IMAP)

Individual Medical Assistance Program is a program under PCSO designed to augment and deliver timely financial assistance to people with health-related problems. Guarantee letters are addressed to the health facility in which PCSO assumes the obligation of a certain amount of money due from the patient for the services rendered. The program covers services such as medicines, confinement, laboratory and diagnostic procedures, implant, dialysis, radiation therapy, surgical supplies, devices, cardiac procedures transplant procedures, among others.

PCSO Medical Assistance Eligibility Criteria

Not every individual with a health-related problem can receive this assistance. However, if you happen to be a patient or have someone around you who have medical bills or needs financial assistance, you can only request PCSO help if the following scenarios apply:

• If the patient is confined in a health facility
• If the sick person is receiving health care management outside the health facility
• If the sick requires medical assistance from foreign countries because no health facility within the Philippines can deliver that procedure

PSCO Medical Assistance Coverage

As mentioned earlier, PSCO assistance covers different needs concerning health. As an individual with a health-related problem, you can apply for assistance with any of the following cases;

i. Bone and cochlear implant
ii. Surgical supplies
iii. Cancer treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy
iv. Kidney and Liver transplant procedures
v. Non-invasive and invasive procedures including laparoscopic, endoscopic, and extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy
vi. Medical devices such as wheelchairs, pulmonary apparatus, hearing aid, and septal occlude.
vii. Laboratory and diagnostic procedure
viii. Rehabilitative therapy such as speech therapy, physical and occupational therapy
ix. Cardio procedures such as;
• Aneurysm
• Coronary artery bypass graft
• Diagnostic procedures
• Peripheral bypass
• Pacemaker surgery

x. Hospital confinements
xi. Dialysis

Requirements for PCSO Medical Assistance

If you need PCSO medical assistance, you should know that there are general and specific requirements.

General requirements

The person in need has to accomplish the PCSO IMAP application form duly. The state is available at the PCSO main offices, the branch offices, and their desk partner hospitals.

The applicant must possess a government-issued identification such as a driver’s license, passport, SSS ID, GSIS UMID, PRC ID, Digitized voters identity, student ID, office ID issued by the government, and Phil health ID.

If the applicant is an inpatient or under chemotherapy procedure, they need original or certified true copy of the hospital clinical abstract. An outpatient applicant requires a duly signed by attending physician with their full name, signature, and license number.

The applicant or any close relative has to provide an authorization letter to be included in the requirements.

Specific requirements

There are also specific requirements for every case covered, and they include;


  • An acceptance letter from the dialysis institution indicating their acceptance to the PCSO guarantee letter
  • Official quotation from the dialysis center
  • The attending physician’s full name, signature, and license
  • Copies of laboratory results for the last three months
  • If the applicant benefited earlier, an index number should be provided
  • A copy of member data record to be provided for the Phil health members
  • Certification of the number of benefits to be received


  • An original prescription with the attending physician’s full name, signature, and license number
  • Original document with the treatment protocol, signature, name, and license of the attending physician
  • Photocopies of biopsy, surgical or histopathology result
  • Index Card for applicants who had received assistance before


  • The original copy of the accounts final statement, the current hospital bill with the names printed and signed by the billing officer, credit supervisor of Phil health, HMO, senior citizen, MMS/Discounts deductions
  • If the applicant had a medico-legal case, they should provide police reports
  • If the applicant is discharged, they should present a promissory note executed validly and signed by the representative from the hospital or a document showing the hospital’s remaining balance.


  • The applicant should provide a prescription with the full name, signature, and license number of the attending physician
  • Copies of relevant laboratory results for the last three months
  • Attach an index card for applicants who had received assistance before.

PSCO Medical Application Guide & Step by Step Process

  1. Have the doctor in charge of the patient provide you with the clinical abstract
  2. Get an official billing statement from the hospital officials, especially from the finance department. Let them know that you need the statement for PCSO purposes.
  3. Get in touch with the Barangay Captain and request for certification stating your reasons that you have a patient, but you cannot pay the hospital bills.
  4. Draft a letter addressing the PSCO manager or the chairman with the condition of the patient and the need for financial assistance. Here are the details you need to include in the letter;

    Name of the manager: Mr. Zubin Z. Magno

    The department manager
    Charity assistance department
    3/F Radiotherapy Bldg
    Street name: LCP Complex, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City

    Telephone number: 426-3735, 921-7608

    Email address of the manager: [email protected]

  5. Submit your letter to the nearest PCSO regional office during weekdays from 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM. There is a link to help the National Capital Region clients fill the application online.

PCSO IMAP Application Form

NCR Online Application

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