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Six Best Methods for Finding a Rent to Own Home

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finding a rent to own homes

The process of buying a home starts by saving money, getting pre-approved for a loan, and finally getting an offer on a house that goes with your budget. When the offer is approved, you sign the mortgage, take the house keys, and get into the house.

But what if this sequence of events doesn’t work for everyone? Sometimes you don’t have enough money to pay a deposit or are in between jobs and cannot qualify for a loan. Maybe there is the divorce that has not been resolved yet or even another financial barrier in the way.

If so, there is an alternative way to own a home that you may not have thought of: finding a home. These agreements, when properly structured. It can bring many benefits to both the buyer and the seller.

However, it’s not always easy to discover these opportunities by simply flipping through property listings or driving through the dream area and be careful of illegal sellers. We spoke with experienced agents, experienced in the hiring process, to show you exactly where to look and what trap to consider.

Here you can find out how to find apartments for rent, avoid fraud, and get a step closer to owning a house.


One of the most invaluable resources available while looking for a home is to have a qualified agent by your side. You should find a broker with experience in leasing transactions, as these agreements may contain many unknown terms.

James Silver, a top real estate agent in the Detroit area with 19 years of experience, understands the importance of a good real estate agent when looking for houses to rent. He has worked 76% more single-family home sales than any other real estate agent in his area and has extensive rental experience.

“Sales agents will not help you make all these decisions,” he explains.

“That’s why you need a perfect real estate agent to protect you.”

Not only can an agent give you information and years of experience, but it can also help you find exactly the right opportunity, either through special MLS researches, their large real estate network, or even understanding of the most advanced market or area trends geography.

“The purchase of rent can be useful for those who do not currently have the money to pay a deposit. It will save you time, “said Silver. “But it’s also important to remember that if you can’t buy at the end of the contract, you can lose money.”

For this reason, it’s also important to get prior approval for funding before you start your search, so you don’t waste time renting something you can’t really afford.


You may also want to consider contacting a broker or broker with special rental-ownership programs to find rental properties with a right to purchase.

Not a broker. These types of businesses are closer to real estate investment firms. They work with you and authorized agents to find a single-family home that you would not normally be able to rent. Then I make a purchase for the house and rent it to you: you have the right to buy the house after the rental contract’s expiration at the predetermined price. These programs can help you move and feel your home and neighborhood before you fully commit to making a purchase.

Griffin’s 19 years of experience, especially in single-family homes, gave him a wealth of information about rental homes’ problems.

If at some point, the homeowner goes into foreclosure or decides to sell the house, it is challenging to get back the money you invested, “she said.” More people than I can count, the house was closed. “The tenants had no idea at all. And then the house is taken from under them.

Using a rental-purchase program such as Home Partners can reduce some of this risk. Instead of buying by lease, the agreement is the so-called “lease with purchase rights”. You pay rent, but nothing in addition to the purchase price. The rent and the purchase price are fixed. You have the right to buy the house whenever you are ready, following the agreement’s terms.

Griffin recommends that buyers make sure it’s a rental price they can afford and that they can make sure it’s in an area to buy. “There’s just a lot of uncertainty about renting a property unless it’s a real estate investment,” she said, so a specialist company can benefit the buyer – eliminating the risk of the seller not doing well at the end of the transaction.


An experienced agent can help you think outside the box and identify offers that have been on the market for months. The sellers of these houses may be particularly interested in a rental, an opportunity that will bring them some extra money per month, while both parties are heading for a possible sale.

For a seller who is struggling to sell a property, a monthly rental income will help you in the form of rents you.

If properly agreed, the leases may benefit both parties. Your agent can help you find these sellers and negotiate a deal.

Even if a seller does not currently offer a lease-purchase option, your agent can offer them the option.

Silver says. “Call the agent and just say it.” Hey. I have a client looking for something like this, with a leasing option (to buy). They have perfect credit scores, and they can buy. “The future and in the meantime your seller can raise extra money and get what you earn. You’re looking for it. – The listing agent can then pass this offer on to the seller and sometimes set up a business.

It is also offered to call people who have a house to rent. “They are often open to leasing with options – or if it’s just a rental, call and ask people.

You won’t know if you don’t ask, and your agent can help you ask.


You and your agent may find an owner who is looking for an escape hatch. If you are interested in selling the property, you are currently renting, and your rental offer could be a great way to make that transition.

These landlords usually have only one rental property and may have started renting it because they had difficulty selling it. You may be able to sweeten the deal by offering to maintain the house and make repairs while renting – tasks that landlords are particularly reluctant to refuse. If all goes well, you will have to buy a house at the end of the contract: one that you took care of and lived in. So you know what you’re getting.


The problem is that you can’t sign a purchase contract if the home is now locked. But when the owner faces foreclosure. They can take advantage of this rent they get from you when paving the way for the house’s final sale.

One such specialized portal that can help you find high-quality apartment rental opportunities is preclosure.com. You have thousands of records with the seller ready to rent to the buyer, and you can search by state and even state.

Next, you need to provide conditions that the seller will accept, and it is worth the money to hire a real estate lawyer to review your contract and make sure all your bases are covered.


Finally, you may find that someone in your circle is trying to download home and would like to contact you. You can also expand your network by posting on a neighborhood billboard or a website like Nextdoor.com or Facebook. Just be careful when advertising outside your circle because there are a lot of cases of fraud. It would be difficult to pay years of rental credit and an option fee only to find out that * the seller “does not legally own the house or never intends to sell it at all.

Regardless of how to choose when looking for rent to own a house, it is critical to secure yourself and money against financial problems. Take every step seriously and find a person who is an expert in this area to help you. Take your time and think twice before taking any step.

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