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SSP Scholarship 2022

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ssp scholarship 2022

SSP Scholarship – The importance of education cannot be overemphasized. We all need it to live a better life now and in the future. However, education, even at the lowest level, is very costly. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford the financial burden that comes with it.

Thankfully, the government has launched various funding schemes to offer students the financial aid needed. One such program launched by the government of Karnataka is known as the SSP Scholarship. The government offers various scholarships through this year. Learn from this guide what this program entails, its benefits, and other fundamental information.

Overview of SSP Scholarship

Many students wish to pursue further education. However, some of them are not able to due to financial constraints. For such students, the Government of Karnataka offers the SSP scheme to provide several scholarships to students who meet the eligibility criteria.

The State Scholarship Portal (SSP) has several welfare departments to cater to different students. It offers pre-matric and post-matric types of scholarships. The pre-matric scholarship is designed for class 1-10 students, while post-matric is for those who’ve finished their 10th class and want to study further.

The SSP offers financial assistance to students that can’t afford their education due to financial limitations. Students on this scheme become self-dependent. It caters to all students from class 1 to those pursuing higher education. Thus, all students in Karnataka can afford basic education despite their financial status.

Types of SSP Scholarship

As we have earlier said, the portal has two types of scholarships; Pre-matric and post-matric scholarships. The SSP pre-matric is available for grade 1- grade 10 students. Note that there are several schemes at this level, but only Karnataka students can apply.

SSP post-matric scholarships, on the other hand, are for those who want to advance their studies past the 10th grade. They are offered to SC, ST, OBC, and such aspirants. Students seeking admission in 11or 12th grade, diploma courses, vocational programs, universities, or private institutes can apply for this scholarship.

Benefits of SSP Scholarship

The number of students dropping out of school has significantly increased. But, under this program, the students will find their education and continue with their studies. The scholarship amount is directly transferred to the beneficiary’s account using the direct benefit transfer method.

Therefore, the sponsored student won’t abandon their studies due to financial issues. Plus, students become self-dependent through this scheme.

Individuals pursuing an M.Phil or have completed can receive as much as 8000 rupees once they complete their research. Those pursuing a Ph.D. degree are offered 10000 rupees after their research work. Besides paying the term fees, the money also caters to other things like buying books and filling up forms.

Another benefit of this scheme is that it offers scholarships for both pre-matric and post-matric levels. Therefore, every student has a chance of getting an education. However, it’s essential to note that the scholarship is only available to Karnataka students.

Eligibility Criteria of SSP Scholarship

Students must meet certain conditions to be considered for this scholarship scheme. An applicant must be living in Karnataka permanently. Also, they must be economically disadvantaged and have scored 50% or more in their previous exams. Let us look at the eligibility criteria for the two types of scholarships.

SSP Post-Matric Scholarship

• The candidate should be OBC, SC, ST, or another minority group
• Participants should study from grade 11, 12, B. Com, or IT course type
• The student should not have an annual income of more than 200,000.

SSP Pre-Matric Scholarship

• It accepts applicants from a minority group or those with SC, ST, or OBC.
• A candidate should participate in NSP or SSP to get this scholarship. Not both.
• The student’s annual income shouldn’t be more than 100,000
• The scholarship is only offered to applicants whose parents don’t have ‘clean’ occupations.

Also, note that the eligibility might differ depending on the welfare department. Therefore, students should confirm the specific requirements from their department.

Priority Course for SSP Scholarship

There are many courses you can undertake in this program. These are distributed by the different welfare departments. Here is a list of some of the priority courses on the SSP scholarship;

• Sciences- like criminology, biology, physics, botany, and geology
• Technology- including computer science and information technology
• Mathematics- such as applied math and statistics

There are also priority courses in business and other fields. Confirm with the right welfare department about the specific course you want to study.

Application Requirements for SSP Scholarship

Once a student meets the eligibility criteria, they need to have the correct documents for the application. These are;

• Ration card number
• Private/government hosted ID
• Income certificate
• Fee receipts of college in electronic form
• Valid phone number
• Registration number of their school or institute
• Parent’s or candidate’s Aadhar card
• Caste or EWS certificate
• Email ID
• Disability card number for disabled applicants

Application Process for SSP Scholarship

Students can apply for all scholarship types online via the SSP portal. Here are the application steps to follow to apply for this scheme:

  1. Visit the SSP official website.
  2. Click the link given to create an account once you’re on the homepage.
  3. Choose the scholarship type you want on the following page.
  4. Enter your SATS ID number, then choose the Get Data option.
  5. Fill in the remaining boxes and fields and click the submit button.
  6. You’ll get a user ID and password. Make sure you save it.
  7. Log in with the credentials.
  8. Fill the required blanks with the needed information like age, religion, birthdate, Aadhar number, etc.
  9. Upload the required documents, then submit the application.
  10. You will receive an acknowledgment slip. Send it to your college or institution.

Also, note that you can edit, check the status, and renew the application on the official website. You should see all these features on the homepage’s dashboard.

Make sure that you are eligible and have all the documents before starting the application process. Again, check the information you provide in your applications and confirm that it matches with your mark sheets and other documents.

SSP Scholarship Portal

The State Scholarship Portal was introduced by the Karnataka government to allow smooth and effective disbursement of scholarships by its different welfare departments. The portal makes the application process transparent by allowing the students to upload supporting documents. The funds are issued by various departments like Social Welfare, Department of Medical Education, etc.

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