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Teaching Jobs in Dubai

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teaching jobs in dubai

Teaching Jobs in Dubai – Many people would not consider teaching an adventurous career. But it is possible to find good teaching jobs in exotic places like Dubai and that adds the adventure. Living and working in a multi-cultural city like Dubai adds an element of adventure to the teaching profession.

While teaching itself offers many rewards, doing it in Dubai will provide you with even more rewards than you ever thought of.

Benefits of teaching in Dubai

1. You can be paid between $1900 & $4400 US every month- tax-free
2. Teach in private schools or kindergartens, etc. It is your choice
3. Motivated students are ready to learn
4. Use state of the art services and top-notch resources
5. Room for advancement

These are just some of the advantages you can get when you apply to work in this city. Other perks like apartment rentals, annual trips home, and more need to be in your contract before you sign up.

What is the salary range for teaching in Dubai?

The amount of money you will make each month will depend on several factors. The most important factor will be the school that hires you. Private international schools may offer more benefits and a higher salary than other schools in this city.

These benefits for all schools may include flight, lodging, medical insurance, help with dependent schooling costs, relocation expenses, and so on. There is supposed to be a moderately low cost of living expense so saving money without sacrificing a comfortable lifestyle is possible.

The range of salary goes from $1900 to $4400 US and if you advance to an administration level, your pay could be higher than that. It will all depend on what your contract says and what you can negotiate.

The qualifications needed to teach in Dubai

Like most educational systems you will need a valid teaching certificate or license. That license or certification must allow you to provide education in your home state, county, or region.

The second most important requirement will be that you have already taught somewhere for 2 years. That experience must be at the grade level you want to teach in Dubai as well as in the subject area you are going to teach in the city.

The third qualification will be to submit an up-to-date- CV or resume that has all these requirements listed on them. Those resumes must be verifiable. There are other requirements that you will come across when you explore this unique teaching opportunity.

The best schools offer the best remuneration packages but they also require that you have a Master’s degree in a related field, a teacher’s certification, and at least 3-years of experience.

Mid-range schools will accept a Bachelor’s degree with a flexible experience requirement. Dubai may not be in your teaching cards if this is your first teaching job. The schools can be tough to get into. However, there are always families looking for private tutors and non-profit schools look for volunteers & interns.

These last two positions are not the greatest opportunities but they do allow you to get experience and work your way up to the better teaching jobs in this city.

What are the best teaching jobs available in Dubai?

The following jobs may also be the most popular vacancies you can find in Dubai. Everyone has their own preference and specialty. The list of jobs available is long enough to meet most of those preferences and special interests:

1. Early childhood specialist
2. Physical education teacher
3. Guidance counselor
4. Child care teacher
5. Kindergarten teacher
6. Preschool teacher
7. Instructional designer
8. School counselor
9. Linguist
10. TESOL instructor
11. Spanish teacher
12. ESL teacher
13. Language instructor
14. Education curriculum vitae teacher
15. Arts teacher
16. Chemistry teacher
17. Elementary teacher
18. French teacher
19. ICT teacher
20. Lecturer
21. Nursery teacher
22. Physics teacher
23. Primary teacher
24. Science teacher
25. Principal
26. Professor
27. Librarian

Teaching in Dubai without a degree

This is not impossible but it does mean going through different and more hoops to get the right visa to enter the country. The UAE Ministry of Education limits the qualifications to certified teachers which means having a teaching certificate or being properly qualified.

Those last two words open some doors for those without a degree to teach in the city. having an EFL, TESOL, or CELTA certification will allow you to meet the properly qualified restriction. Also, being a native English speaker, you can get different ESL jobs without having a degree or other certifications.

For that last opportunity, salaries and benefits will be a lot lower than the other jobs.

The different types of schools

There are 4 types of schools that seek different levels of teachers. Because the students know English quite well, there are opportunities to teach other subjects other than English.

#1. Private schools- cater to the affluent class of Dubai society
#2. Language school- teaches more than just the English language
#3. Public school- just like anywhere else
#4. Private families- private tutoring opportunities

Living in Dubai

This city is a mixture of ancient, modern, and Muslim cultures making it a unique city to live and teach in. Millions of tourists come to the city each year to look at those ancient sites, shop in some of the most luxurious malls, and participate in other recreational activities.

Here are some facts to help you make an informed decision about working in this city:

  1. Dubai covers over 4,000 square km and is home to over 2,000,000 people
  2. The city has less than 30 days of rain each year and the climate is hot and dry
  3. Dubai is home to the largest skyscrapers, the largest aquarium, the biggest shopping mall, the tallest hotel in the world
  4. The city grew from 13 cars in 1968 to needing double-decker highways in the 2000s
  5. Dubai is home to Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest man-made structure as well as the highest mosque, the highest restaurant, the highest outdoor observation deck & the highest nightclub
  6. Islam is the official religion of the city and country & Arabic is the official language
  7. Dirham is the official currency of the city.
  8. Some final words

    Teaching is a rewarding career and those rewards get even greater when you find exotic places like Dubai to work in. Check it out to see if it is the place for you to continue or even begin your teaching career.

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