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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – ‘The Hunt For Medusa’ official gameplay

by BSnop

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – ‘The Hunt For Medusa’ official gameplay

Write your own epic odyssey and become the legendary Spartan hero. Create your destiny in a world that is about to fall apart. Influence how history unfolds in a constantly changing world that shapes your choices. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey puts players’ choice at the forefront through unprecedented innovations in Assassin’s Creed as you choose the hero you want to be and change the world around you. Through the relationships you build with colorful characters and the decisions you make throughout your Odyssey, you are in control of your destiny. Customize your team and master new special abilities, adapting your hero’s abilities to your playing style. Make your way through Greece, engaging in visceral battles on land and sea, to become the true hero of legends.


  • Legal Spartan of the Hero Go on your journey from deportation to a well-known Spartan hero
  • Ancient Waiting For Greece Explore a country full of unexpected events in nameless surroundings and bustling ancient cities
  • Choose your path your choices create the world around you. Play in a living world that always reacts to each of your decisions.
  • Great Epic Comment Charged in epic clashes between Sparta and Athens in battles pitting 150v 150 soldiers against each other
  • Sea Christmas Aege Recruit crew and customize your ship as you explore and fight in the open sea
  • Find unexplored places, find hidden treasures, or fight your way through entire fleets in naval battles.
  • Your decisions shape the world around you. Experience a living life that always reacts to each of your decisions.


This is actually only the second assassin’s creed game that I’ve ever played so I unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how u look at it) am not in distress because the game isn’t “like assassin’s creed anymore”. I love it simply because of the wonderful graphic, amazing open world experience and the ability to choose your own path. People take video games too seriously these days. By far the best AC game in the entire series. I had gotten tired of AC, and either rented or skipped the most recent entries. This one was well worth purchasing. It plays like a mix of an improved version of AC’s parkour and combat gameplay with Bio ware’s choice-driven RPGs. One of the best open world games ever made.

Get this game if you like Ac series or if you just enjoy large open world games period. I don’t usual ever leave game reviews but this one is exceptional the game is executed really well the exportable area is massive would literally take you hours just to uncover any unexplored areas … graphics and attention to detail and just mass amounts of content to keep you busy and get you completed sucked into advancing up the mercenary ranks… and a good storyline on top of it all … one of best, captivating games I’ve played in years and I’m not even done with story yet! Arrived right on time. Only have a few hours in currently, but so far I’m enjoying it. It’s like a cross between Blackflag and Origin which makes a great game.

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