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Casa College, Cyprus Scholarship Programs

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casa college cyprus scholarship programs

Scholarship Opportunity: Casa College, Cyprus Scholarship Programs for AY 2022 – 2023 | The Commission on Higher Education hereby informs interested parties that the Casa College, Cyprus is inviting students to apply under the Casa College scholarship programs for Academic Year 2022-2023.


The Casa College is a private education institution in Cyprus recognized by the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, and Youth (Higher Education). Its mission is to provide relevant education with a commitment to excellence in an atmosphere of freedom and responsibility in areas of hotel administration, business administration, and office administration.

Scholarships are offered to students of excellent academic performance as well as to students who demonstrate outstanding athletic skills and participate in various College teams. Scholarships are offered to students already enrolled in our Educational Organisation and always concern the following academic year. In more detail, scholarships are offered in the following cases:

  • Local students and EU applicants who were graded as ‘Excellent’ in their High School Certificate, automatically receive a scholarship (waving of tuition fee) for the first semester. The College awards 10 such scholarships.
  • Local, EU applicants and international students who receive an overall final grade of ‘Excellent’ in all of their subjects and are attending their classes regularly (90% and over) during one semester, can be awarded a scholarship (waving of tuition fee) for the next academic semester of their studies. For every semester 3 such scholarships are given.
  • The best student in each program in academic performance, morals, and regular attendance of classes, can be awarded a scholarship (waving of tuition fee) for the next academic semester of their studies.
  • Additional grants (€100 to €300) are offered to students who have an excellent academic performance in their course of study and face financial problems.
  • The Academic Committee decides on the scholarships and additional grants offered to students.


The Casa College is offering the following:

  • Ten (10) 50% scholarships for Bachelor of Arts in Hotel Administration. The student will have the opportunity to work in one of its partner hotels for 4.5 months during the summer as part of a paid Summer Industrial Placement program;
  • Ten (10) 50% scholarships for a 1-year Certificate in Adult Nursing; and,
  • Ten (10) 50% scholarships for the 1-year Certificate in Cruise Ship Hospitality Operations.


Students wishing to apply for a scholarship at Casa College must complete the Scholarship Application Form and send it via email to [email protected] or submit it at the reception desk.


For more information, interested parties may access the website www.casacollege.ac.cy or email [email protected], or [email protected]

Download the full memorandum here: https://ched.gov.ph/wp-content/uploads/Scholarship-Opportunities-Offered-by-Casa-College-Cyrus.pdf

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