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Empowering the Next Generation of STEM Educators

GBF TeachSTEM College Scholarship AY 2023-2024
Empowering the Next Generation of STEM Educators

by BSnop
gbf teachstem college scholarship

GBF TeachSTEM College Scholarship for Academic Year 2023-2024 – Are you a Philippine student yearning to make a mark in the teaching realm? If yes, the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation brings a transformative opportunity your way – the GBF TeachSTEM College Scholarship for the academic year 2023-2024.

This prestigious scholarship, specially designed for passionate educators, is currently open for applications until July 31, 2023. Stepping into this educational journey will not only bolster your passion but also empower you with the resources you need.

So, why wait? It’s time to seize this golden opportunity with the GBF TeachSTEM College Scholarship and kick-start your path to an enlightening teaching career.

Unfolding the GBF TeachSTEM College Scholarship

Designed by the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation, the GBF TeachSTEM College Scholarship is crafted to nurture aspiring teachers. It meticulously grooms these future torchbearers into STEM champions, fully equipped to deliver significant learning experiences.

Ensuring students have a well-rounded education, the program propels scholars towards delivering interactive STEM instruction. Ultimately, it’s more than a financial aid initiative—it’s a platform for nurturing the academic and professional growth of promising educators.

In essence, the GBF TeachSTEM College Scholarship paves the way for students passionate about teaching, transforming them into architects of the future.

How the GBF TeachSTEM College Scholarship Benefits You

Beyond its inherent prestige, the GBF TeachSTEM College Scholarship provides an array of practical benefits. The primary advantage lies in the substantial financial grant. Depending on your chosen institution, you could receive P65,000 for studying at a state university or P85,000 if you opt for a private one.

This financial aid, however, is only the tip of the iceberg. Consider the following:

  1. Direct Deposits: The GBF TeachSTEM College Scholarship understands that the road to higher education can be costly. Thus, they send scholarship grants directly to the scholars’ bank accounts. These funds can be allocated for various educational expenses such as tuition, books, supplies, living costs, and even research.
  2. Capacity Building Programs: The scholarship doesn’t just cover costs; it also offers access to capacity-building programs. Leadership training, upskilling, and subject content enrichment are all within your grasp.
  3. Community Involvement: Being a scholar of the GBF TeachSTEM College Scholarship gives you a golden ticket to an exclusive educators community. This network can serve as a launchpad for future collaboration and professional growth.

In summary, the GBF TeachSTEM College Scholarship goes beyond providing financial aid. It offers a comprehensive package designed to support scholars in every aspect of their academic journey. Truly, the benefits are immense, making it a coveted scholarship for aspiring teachers.

Are You the Ideal Candidate? Know Your Eligibility

As an aspirant for the GBF TeachSTEM College Scholarship, you might be curious about the eligibility criteria. Here, we outline them explicitly, helping you assess if you’re the perfect candidate.

Firstly, this unique scholarship is designed for both incoming and ongoing college students. Specifically, it targets those pursuing Education with a STEM-related specialization, a Technical Vocational Program, or General Education. Ideally, applicants should be enrolled in a Teacher Education Institution (TEI) that boasts a Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) performance above the national average.

Besides academic performance, the GBF TeachSTEM College Scholarship also puts a significant emphasis on character and community involvement. Applicants are expected to have a clean academic record, with no failed, dropped, or incomplete grades from the previous academic year. Furthermore, a general weighted average of at least 85% is necessary. Extracurricular or community activities are valued, demonstrating a well-rounded personality.

Moreover, after graduation, successful applicants must be willing to teach in a public school within their community. As part of the eligibility, they should also maintain good moral standing, be free from any disciplinary cases, and must be in good health.

Lastly, a key criterion is financial need. This scholarship aims to support students who require financial aid to complete their studies. Thus, those who are not recipients of other scholarships are given preference.

Are you ready to make a difference in the world of education with the GBF TeachSTEM College Scholarship? Evaluate your eligibility now and take the first step towards your brighter future.

Preparing Your Application: Necessary Documents

Embarking on your GBF TeachSTEM College Scholarship application journey requires diligent preparation, particularly regarding necessary documentation. Here are the crucial documents you’ll need:

  1. Application Form: Begin with the fully accomplished form, which is your primary tool to express your interest and eligibility.
  2. Enrollment Proof: Whether you’re an incoming or ongoing college student, submit either a Proof of Admission and a Letter of Intent to Enroll or a Certificate of Registration.
  3. Academic Records: For incoming students, Grades 11 and 12 academic records are required. If you’re an ongoing student, submit your grades from the 2 most recent consecutive semesters.
  4. Grading System: Present the Official Grading System of your university or school to validate your academic standing.
  5. Community Portfolio: This is an opportunity to showcase your community involvement. Make sure it reflects your significant contributions and their impact.
  6. Moral Character Certificate: A certificate from the current year demonstrating your good moral standing is obligatory.
  7. Income Proof: To prove your financial necessity, submit your parents’ or guardians’ employment and income details. If they’re unemployed, a BIR Tax exemption certificate is needed.
  8. Residence Proof: Your application needs a clear photo of your residence and a proof of billing or a Barangay Certificate.
  9. ID Picture: Finally, don’t forget your 2×2 ID picture on a white background.

Properly assembling these documents can facilitate a smoother application process for your GBF TeachSTEM College Scholarship.

6. The Selection Process: Steps to Success

The selection process for the GBF TeachSTEM College Scholarship is comprehensive, involving an application review, portfolio evaluation, live online exam, and panel interview.

How to Apply

Ready to leap? Apply for the 2023 GBF TeachSTEM College Scholarship by visiting https://bit.ly/gbfteachstemcollege2023.


The GBF TeachSTEM College Scholarship AY 2023-2024 is a golden opportunity for Filipino students passionate about teaching. It’s not just about the financial aid; it’s about creating a better future for you and the next generation. Apply now and make a difference with the GBF TeachSTEM College Scholarship.

(For any inquiries and concerns, please visit GBF FAQ page or email [email protected])

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