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Your Dream to Study Science and Technology in South Korea Awaits!

GIST Scholarship in South Korea 2024-2025 – Fully Funded
Your Dream to Study Science and Technology in South Korea Awaits!

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GIST Scholarship in South Korea 2024-2025 – Fully Funded. Dreaming of studying science and technology at a top university in South Korea? Look no further than the Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) Scholarship!

This prestigious scholarship program offers international students a fantastic opportunity, exceptional financial support and the chance to study at a top-ranked institution to earn a fully-funded Master’s or PhD degree.

Introduction about GIST Scholarship in South Korea 2024

Established in 1993 by the Korean government, the GIST Scholarship is a fully-funded program designed to attract talented international students to pursue postgraduate studies in science and technology at GIST. GIST has rapidly gained recognition as a leading research university in South Korea, fostering a vibrant atmosphere of innovation and collaboration.


The GIST Scholarship is a truly comprehensive package that covers all the essential expenses for international students. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits:

  • Tuition Fee: GIST covers 100% of your tuition fees, eliminating a major financial hurdle.
  • Monthly Stipend: Master’s students receive a monthly stipend of 140,000 Korean Won, while PhD students get 295,000 Won, helping with living costs.
  • Meal Allowance: An additional 100,000 Won per month is provided for meals, ensuring you’re well-fed throughout your studies (Please note: maintaining good academic progress is necessary to receive the stipend and meal allowance).

Students who actively participate in research projects may even be eligible for a research assistantship, providing further financial support.

Beyond the financial benefits, the GIST Scholarship offers an invaluable opportunity to study in a dynamic and multicultural environment. GIST boasts a strong international student community, allowing scholars to connect and exchange ideas with peers from around the globe.

Eligibility & Qualification

The GIST Scholarship is open to international students from all countries who hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a science or technology-related field. Applicants must demonstrate strong academic performance, a genuine interest in research, and a commitment to pursuing a career in science and technology.

Here are some specific eligibility requirements to consider:

  • Applicants must be non-Korean citizens.
  • Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in a relevant field from an accredited university.
  • Demonstrate academic excellence with strong grades in your previous studies.
  • Applicants must be in good health and able to obtain a student visa for South Korea.

It’s important to note that these are general guidelines, and specific eligibility criteria may vary depending on the chosen program of study.


The application process for the GIST Scholarship is competitive. To increase your chances of success, ensure you have the following requirements:

  • Completed online application form.
  • Official transcripts from all previously attended institutions.
  • Letters of recommendation (minimum two).
  • Statement of purpose outlining your academic goals and research interests.
  • Proof of English language proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.).

How to Apply

Applications for the GIST Scholarship are typically submitted online through the GIST website. Make sure to check the official website for the latest application deadlines and specific requirements. Here’s a link to the GIST Scholarship website for your reference: https://www.gist.ac.kr/iadm/html/sub05/0502.html?mode=V&no=210148&GotoPage=1


The application deadline for the GIST Scholarship is 15th April 2024. Don’t wait until the last minute to start preparing your application. Plan ahead and ensure you submit your application well before the deadline. Missing the deadline could mean losing this incredible opportunity.

It’s important to stay updated by checking the official GIST website closer to the application period. We recommend carefully reviewing the application materials and deadlines well in advance to ensure a smooth application process.

Tips for Applying

  • Plan ahead: Start gathering required documents and preparing your application materials well before the deadline.
  • Highlight your achievements: Showcase your academic achievements, research experience, and any relevant skills in your application.
  • Tailor your application: Research GIST’s specific programs and faculty expertise. Tailor your application to demonstrate alignment with your chosen field of study.
  • Proofread carefully: Ensure your application is free of errors in grammar and spelling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I apply if my bachelor’s degree is not in science, engineering, or IT?
A: While these are the preferred fields, exceptional applications from other relevant backgrounds may be considered. Check the program descriptions for specific eligibility criteria.

Q: Is there a specific English language proficiency score requirement?
A: The minimum score requirement may vary depending on the chosen test (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.). Check the GIST website for details.

Q: Can I apply for a part-time job while on the scholarship?
A: GIST encourages students to focus on their studies. However, under certain circumstances, part-time work might be allowed. Check the official guidelines for details.

Q: What are the career prospects after graduating with a GIST degree?
A: GIST graduates are highly sought-after by leading companies and research institutions worldwide. The program equips you with the skills and knowledge to excel in various science and technology fields.

Please Read the FAQs

Embark on Your Academic Journey in South Korea

The GIST Scholarship is an exceptional opportunity for talented international students to pursue advanced studies in South Korea. With its generous funding and focus on research excellence, the GIST program can propel your academic career to new heights. So, if you’re passionate about science, technology, and eager to experience vibrant South Korea, the GIST Scholarship awaits!

Start planning your application today and take the first step towards fulfilling your academic dreams in South Korea!

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