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GSIS Educational Subsidy Program (GESP) 2024

by BSnop
gsis educational subsidy program gesp

GSIS Educational Subsidy Program (GESP) – The Educational subsidy program which is offered by the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) is a great way for bright and needy students in the Philippines to acquire a college education. For starters, the GSIS Educational Subsidy Program provides yearly college grants to eligible students to make sure they can complete their studies.

GESP provides annual academic financial support to 10,000 needy students. The fund is disbursed to each grantee’s account at the Land Bank of the Philippines through electronic crediting.


At this point, many probably wonder about the value that this academic fund has to offer. Though the GESP fund isn’t very large as it might sound, it disburses up to Php100 million yearly to the grantees. The 10,000 grantees share it equally, with each getting Php 10,000 every year.


At the moment, there are no programs that are given priority in this fund. So, don’t worry because all eligible applicants have equal opportunities for the fund.


Do you want to find out whether or not you are or a loved one is eligible for the GSIS Educational Subsidy Program? Fair enough; what you should know is that all active GSIS (Government Service Insurance System) members meeting the following criteria are great candidates for the grant:

1. Can be nominated as a GESP grantee that’s; a college student at any year level – with 4 or 5 year course – enrolled in any CHED-recognized school – without any scholarship from a public or private organization.

2. Have a permanent employment status.

3. Are within the salary grade 24 (or its equivalent) and below.

4. Have no underpaid or unpaid loan amortization for more than 3 months.


For your GESP application to be considered if you meet the above eligibility criteria and qualifications, you will need to provide the following documents:

1. A copy of your birth certificate.

2. A certificate of registration of grades (Note: this is an update of the required documents, which came into effect as from 1st September 2019).

3. A certificate from a college verifying that you are enrolled or accepted during the current academic year and stating;

  • Your course.
  • The duration of the course.
  • Your year level.
  • 4. A report card showing your general weighted average, which must be at least 80% with no failing grade or incomplete mark incurred in any subject within the preceding term of the academic year.

    5. A certificate of employment or service record (if applicable).

    6. A properly filled out GESP application form.


    Once you have gathered all the necessary documents except for the GESP application form, it’s time to obtain and fill out the remaining document before submitting your application. To that effect;

    1. Refer link below to download the GESP application form.

    2. Next, fill out the form as required.

    3. After that, send your application to [email protected] or parcel it up and visit the nearest GSIS to personally submit it. Please note that you may also mail it via courier if you like.


    At this point, you probably wonder what the duration or application deadline for this grant it. If that’s right, it’s worth noting that the application period for GSIS Educational Subsidy Program has remained open for slightly over two months.

    Please note that the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) is now accepting applications for the GSIS Educational Subsidy Program (GSEP) until Sept. 10. If you haven’t submitted your application yet, you still have approximately eight weeks to do so.


    The GESP gives thousands of bright but needy students who might otherwise not be able to afford college a chance to attend college. Every year, some ten thousand students benefit from the Php 100 million grant offered by the government with each student receiving an equal share.

    The eligibility and qualifications for this fund are fairly reasonable with many people meeting them. There are still approximately 15 days left before this year’s application duration comes to a wrap. If you meet the above eligibility criteria for the grant, why not try your luck this time by following the application steps above? Feel free to email [email protected] for inquiries or clarifications.


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