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DOLE-Apayao Releases P2.6M Wages of TUPAD Beneficiaries

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DOLE-Apayao Releases P2.6M Wages of TUPAD Beneficiaries – The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) launched an empowering initiative known as Tulong Panghanap Buhay sa ating Disadvantaged/Displaced Workers (TUPAD).

This program intends to provide emergency employment for displaced, underemployed, and seasonal workers, aiming to improve their living conditions amidst challenging circumstances brought about by various crises.

The Latest DOLE TUPAD Payment

Recently, the Apayao branch of DOLE issued the DOLE TUPAD Payment, which made headlines due to its noteworthy impact. This disbursement, conducted from June 13-16, 2023, was part of a larger effort, a collaborative venture between DOLE, the Office of the Congressman, the provincial government, and local government units.

Congressman Eleanor C. Bulut-Begtang and Supervising Labor Employment Officer (SLEO) Jane Y. Adalan spearheaded the opening ceremony of the Balangkoy Festival in Santa Marcela, where the DOLE TUPAD Payment was distributed. This event marks a significant step towards furthering the reach of this commendable program.

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The Significance of the TUPAD Program

The TUPAD program, a flagship initiative of DOLE, has been instrumental in alleviating the hardships of countless disadvantaged individuals. By ensuring the steady influx of DOLE TUPAD Payment, the program effectively contributes to their financial stability, particularly in critical periods.

Breakdown of the Beneficiaries

According to Employment Officer Marcelo Saleo-an, Jr., the latest DOLE TUPAD Payment benefited a total of 443 Yapayaos in the province. A significant sum of P2,658,000 was dispersed among these individuals.

The recipients, interestingly, are spread out across different locations. Of the 443 beneficiaries, 133 workers hail from Luna, while 110 each are from Flora and Pudtol. Lastly, 90 workers are from Santa Marcela, embodying the true spirit of inclusion that TUPAD stands for.

Future Scope of the TUPAD Program

Looking ahead, the plans for the TUPAD program remain promising. “We will continue to do this program and we encourage the qualified individuals to apply as workers,” Saleo-an stated. The beneficiaries of the DOLE TUPAD Payment too, expressed their gratitude towards those responsible for this initiative.

In the end, the TUPAD program, with its widespread influence and constructive intent, paves the way for significant improvement in the lives of disadvantaged workers. Its future prospects hold a beacon of hope for many, reinforcing the relevance and impact of the DOLE TUPAD Payment as a means of social and economic empowerment.

With its potential for expansion and continued development, the TUPAD program offers a promising roadmap for the evolution of labor and employment policies. As a beacon of hope for many underprivileged workers, the program continues to inspire and make a tangible difference, ensuring that the DOLE TUPAD Payment is more than just a financial gesture – it’s a lifeline.

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