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Flipkart Launchpad Internship Program 2021

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flipkart launchpad internship program

The giant E-commerce market domicile, Flipkart, has finally brought back its paid internship program Launchpad for students across India. This is usually a 45-day internship used to sharpen student’s skills in the E-commerce industry. The internship program is a paid program that also aims to have the students get the feel of working in one of the biggest E-commerce places in India.

In the previous program of the year 2020, up to 2000 students got the chance to explore their potential and sharpen their skills in Flipkart.

This internship program is offered and organized by Ekart, which is the supply chain department of Flipkart.

Benefits of Flipkart Launchpad Internship Program 2021

The internship program offered by Flipkart, is a 45- day program to sharpen great E-commerce skills and get to know and understand how this field works. This is an opportunity in the big market and the benefits are set to be amazing.

The benefits include:

  • A stipend of Rs.500 a day, paid by Ekart, the supply chain organ that is responsible for the internship program at Flipkart.
  • A certificate after completion to show your participation and satisfactory completion of the 45 day process.
  • Insurance. Flipkart offers insurance for its student interns.
  • Rewards and recognition incentives, which boost the student’s morale and confidence.

Eligibility criteria

The criteria for a student to get a chance to participate in the internship program at Flipkart is quite easy and fair.

Flipkart has collaborated with colleges and educational institutions in all tier 2 cities in 21 locations. The locations include Bhiwandi, Malur, Medchal, Uluberia, and Binola among others.

For application, students will need to get in touch with their respective colleges and institutions to confirm if they have collaborated with Flipkart for the internship program selection. If so, they will be eligible to apply via their institution. Only tier 2 cities and the rest are recognized in this process.

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Other eligibility criteria are:

  • 18 years of age and above
  • A bank account
  • Availability at the city for this internship program
  • Students pursuing UG/PG/Diploma Course can apply
  • Students who are set to graduate or pass out in 2022 are most regarded

Application process of the Flipkart Launchpad Internship Program 2021

The selection process will start with the internal vetting by the company and done by Ekart, the supply chain Internship Program. It will be followed by the second round of vetting which will be followed by registration.

A virtual or telephone interview will be done, leading to the final selection of the qualifying students.

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Application Deadline for Flipkart Launchpad Internship Program 2021

Flipkart Launchpad internship being a major internship program has no date deadline to offer. The registration and application process will close when the maximum number of candidates apply for the internship.

This is to give all students who are interested in the program enough time to apply. This also alludes to the fact that the earlier a student applies, the higher the chances of receiving the opportunity.

Most likely, this could end before the month of October which is set to host the “Big Billions day” of 2021 for the company where multiple products including electronics like laptops and television sets are going to be launched. This is a great reason to apply for this internship.

Flipkart, through its vice president said that this program was set to provide immersive working experience for their future and will generate more interest in the industry among the student trainees.

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