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DOLE-NCR Launches Online Filing Services

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DOLE-NCR Launches Online Filing Services

DOLE-NCR Launches Online Filing Services – The Department of Labor and Employment National Capital Region has developed an online platform. Workers that are stationed in Metro Manila can file their requests while following the order to stay in quarantine.

This platform opened in June 2020, and this system is free to use. The e filing service will allow a person to register and complete forms and applications. Workers can monitor reports. On this platform, permits can be request as well as certifications. Other documents related to the DOLE can also be submitted to this online platform.

This online filing system can be found on the official website for DOLE. The official website is https://ncr.dole.gov.ph. This online filing system can also be found at https://tinyurl.com/delecr-efiling.

When a client goes on this link there are 11 different things they can select from.

  1. Request for assistance from the department
  2. Request for certification for SSS
  3. They can register under Rule 1020
  4. They can register for a job, as a subcontractor, or as a service contractor
  5. There are applications for Construction Safety and Health Program Applications. This application is simplified.
  6. There is a comprehensive application for Construction Safety and Health Program Applications
  7. There is a request for a technical safety inspection
  8. There are annual medical reports
  9. A person can find the Safety Organization report.
  10. There is an application for the DOLE clearance
  11. There is another application for Dole Clearance dealing with child labor

Once a user selects the service they need they will need to enter their Gmail information to access the content.

The client will need to read and agree to the Data Privacy Consent Notice before they enter their email information.

This online service will allow the required documents to be uploaded. A copy will be sent to the email address.

Once the forms have been received a DOLE employee will be in touch to talk about the next step.

This system can be accessed at any time online. There will only be employees monitoring and reading the documents Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

If a person needs assistance they can access videos for help. The link for the help videos is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3MtqAM8js&feature=youtu.be

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